Sunday (1 November) marked the first-year anniversary of the Juncker Commission. The EurActiv team has looked over its achievements over the past twelve months, and written the executive’s end-of-year school report, grading it from A-F on different issues.

The truth about Sweden’s short working hours

Can working a six-hour day make you happier and richer?

Still the refugees are coming, but in Europe the barriers are rising

Austria and Slovenia have said they will erect fences to stem the flow of migrants. As countries seek national answers to a regional crisis, what happened to solidarity in Europe?

UK ‘rows back’ in Europe rights battle

The UK government’s threat to abandon the European Convention on Human Rights has diminished, a senior Conservative MP says.

Commission on refugee crisis: ‘We need a single European coordinated response’

“This is a major crisis that shapes how the EU reacts. This crisis cannot be dealt through a series of national responses. We need a single European coordinated response, and we are working 24/7 to make this happen,” said European Commission spokesperson Margaritas Schinas.

Faced with a once in a generation refugee crisis, and a brewing humanitarian disaster in the western Balkans, Germany has stepped up. . . and pledged 45 extension cords.

The Return of Geopolitics to Europe

It is time for Europeans to end their wishful thinking of a continental order determined by the rule of law. As Russia and, more important, China, are showing, the world isn’t like that: it is much harder, and power rules.

Heavy fog disrupts European flights

Heavy fog is causing disruption across western Europe, with low visibility leading to significant flight delays.
Refugees Seek Better Life in Greece

By: Erica King
Produced and Edited by: Joshua Lim
Europe welcomes from countries such as Syria, who are in need of new homes. Photo by Aggi Cantrill
Some people are asleep, laying their heads to the person next to them as seawater splash their faces; others are stepping into a small boat, getting ready to make a long journey to a better life.
German economy rests on the future of its refugees

By: Paola Santiago Del Castillo
Produced & edited by: Jaelynn Grisso
Fiscal responsibility of the refugee crisis in Germany may not be a problem for now, but the economic future of Germany is on the fence.
Germany continues to bear the bulk of the refugee crisis as they expect 800,000 asylum applicants by the end of the year, according to the German Federal Government. As of September, Germany has received more than 300,000 reported asylum applications.

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