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By 2050, the United Nations predicts that around 66 percent of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. It is expected that the greatest expansion will take place in developing regions such as Africa and Asia. Cities in these parts will be challenged to meet the needs of their residents, and provide sufficient housing, energy, waste disposal, healthcare, transportation, education and employment. So, understanding how cities will grow – and how we can make them smarter and more sustainable along the way – is a high priority among researchers and governments the world over. We need to get
Facebook Twitter
Facebook is looking for new ways to get users to share more, rather than just consume content, in a push that seemingly puts it in more direct rivalry with Twitter.


If you really want to be scared this Hallowe’en, spare a moment to ponder six ways that the state engages in widepread and indiscriminate surveillance, from social media monitoring to license plate and toll-transponder readers to IMSI catchers, biometrics and more. (more…)

An injured blogger is being taken to the hospital. Extremists attacked three bloggers in the office of Shuddhoshor Publications in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Image by Khandaker Azizur Rahman. Copyright Demotix (31/10/2015)

An injured blogger is being taken to the hospital. Extremists attacked three bloggers in the office of Shuddhoshor Publications in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Image by Khandaker Azizur Rahman. Copyright Demotix (31/10/2015)


It’s still in beta, but Tor Messenger from the Tor Project has security and privacy baked in by design, and it’s the easiest method yet devised to use OTR (Off the Record), the gold standard in secure communications. (more…)

Chatting over Tor just got a whole lot easier

If you’re concerned about where and how your data travels on the Internet, then you might be interested in the new beta messenger app that Tor released today. Based on the Mozilla community-developed Instant Bird, Tor Messenger supports plenty of chat clients: Google Talk, Facebook, Twitter, and IRC, among others. The app also promises to promote off-the-record messaging automatically, and to obfuscate chat metadata. Tor Messenger builds on the networks you are familiar with, so that you can continue communicating in a way your contacts are willing and able to do. This has traditionally been in a client-server model, meaning…

Tor Just Launched the Easiest App Yet for Anonymous, Encrypted IM

Tor Just Launched the Easiest App Yet for Anonymous, Encrypted IM

The new, dead-simple software—still in beta—promises to protect both the content and origin of instant messages from surveillance.

Volkswagen’s lesson on encryption software

You can’t insist on achieving national security using methods that just aren’t working for any single industry.


1961 VW ad. Flickr/John Lloyd. Some rights reserved.


Undersea Internet Cables Are Surprisingly Vulnerable

A new book and interactive map charts the history of undersea communications cables—and highlights their vulnerability.

Edward Snowden
Today, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted in favour of a resolution to drop charges against Edward Snowden, who is currently wanted by the US under charges defined by the ‘Espionage Act’. Hearing reports EU just voted 285-281, overcoming huge pressure, to cancel all charges against me and prevent extradition.


People operating under the Anonymous banner took over a KKK-linked Twitter account during the Ferguson uprising in retaliation for Klan threats to attack the protesters. Now people under the #Intelgroup Anonymous banner are threatening to dump the personally identifying information of “1000 Klan members, Ghoul Squad affiliates and other close associates of various factions of the Ku Klux Klan across the United States.” (more…)

The word “software” sounded ridiculous when it was coined in ’53


Computing pioneer Paul Niquette’s memoir begins with the tale of how he came to coin the term “software” in 1953, to the ridicule of his colleague, and how the idea of a computer whose code was separate from its machinery took hold and changed the way we think about computation forever. (more…)

YTSTen days ago the popular movie torrent site YTS stopped working.

The downtime raised concern among many BitTorrent users, not least because the site belongs to movie release group YIFY, which has dominated public BitTorrent sites for several years.


Kim Dotcom, the creator of notorious file hosting service, took time from fighting extradition charges in New Zealand on Thursday to address the Sydney startup conference SydStart via video link. The pitch? His coming alternative Internet, MegaNet.

Nuzzel rolls out automated newsletters to reach people who aren’t superusers of Twitter

Nuzzel’s a tool for curating links from your own social media feeds. Now it wants to let you use that curation to make your own publishing and promotion platform.

As CEO Jonathan Abrams told our Joseph Lichterman in a Q&A last month: “We think we can do a better job of letting people who don’t necessarily know how to use Twitter use Nuzzel by consuming feeds that other people have created.”

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