For the record; “8 funny responses to the ‘thrones’ that welcomed Merkel in Istanbul…

President Erdoğan hosted German Chancellor Merkel on Oct. 18 to discuss financial aid to Syrian refugees. But the gaudy throne-like armchairs in the hall have created a social media storm

Is Europe’s ‘refugee deal’ giving in to blackmail by Turkey?

Two million Syrian refugees are being treated as bargaining chips, with the result being European complicity in rigging Turkey’s 1 November elections, writes British MEP Richard Howitt.


Visiting Istanbul on Sunday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised Turkey financial assistance and accelerated visa-free travel provided the country cooperates more closely with the EU on the refugee crisis. Pressure at home and a lack of solidarity in the EU have left Merkel with no other alternative, commentators write. Others believe the Turkish head of state will use the situation to his advantage.

Merkel Turkey visit a gift to Erdogan

Merkel’s gift to Erdogan leaves Turkey wanting more

Battle for Aleppo threatens to create fresh refugee exodus, says Turkish PM

Germany prepared to accelerate Turkey’s EU membership process in exchange for help as Slovenia cuts refugee intake, creating bottlenecks along route

Turkey is “not a concentration camp” and will not host migrants permanently to appease the European Union, which wants Turkey to stop the flow of people to Europe, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said Oct. 19, a day after Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Istanbul to discuss refugees.
The source of the current instability in Turkey was the Justice and Development Party (AKP), Turkey’s nationalist leader has said while delivering a speech to a huge crowd at an election rally in Istanbul.

Turkey awaits political demands before implementation of migration deal with EU

Turkey and the European Union come closer to signing a final agreement on housing more refugees in Turkey instead of acquiescing to their migration to Europe. As part of the deal, Turkey will receive 3 billion euros in aid
FinFisher Spyware Becomes More Popular Among Government Agencies
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