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Istanbul’s Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah is hosting the “Black Week” event in honor of the 125th anniversary of the birth of popular novelist Agatha Christie’s birth, featuring a week of crime fiction-themed events.

President Erdogan: The Bully of Istanbul

Almost everyone at some time during their youth has seen and experienced a form of bullying; some may have even been a bully themselves. It might …
The 14th Istanbul Biennial is heading into final act, having welcomed 400,000 viewers at 36 venues over the past eight weeks.
Thirty-seven shipwrecks discovered underwater during the Marmaray subway construction in Istanbul’s Yenikapı shed light on ship production technology in ancient eras
44 mayors to meet in İstanbul for international dialog conference

Forty-four mayors from 10 countries will meet in İstanbul on Oct. 24-25 at an international convention hosted by the city’s Maltepe Municipality in order .
Istanbul’s new airport important for D-8 countries

ISTANBULIstanbul’s third airport, expected to be the world’s largest, will be “the apple of the Developing Eight countries’ eye,” Turkish Airlines CEO …
Afghans in Istanbul park a microcosm of refugee crisis

A suburban park a short distance from Istanbul’s European shore, sitting between the city’s international airport and the tourist sights of Sultanahmet,
Beyond Istanbul: When Superheroes Rule Our World Christian Batikian’s ‘Captain America’

His false pretenses enable him to partake in various types of adventurous and mischievous schemes throughout the city of Istanbul with his friends, …
Eye of Istanbul” at National Gallery

Widely recognized as the “Eye of Istanbul,” he is an Armenian-Turkish photographer. Ara Guler was involved in drama circles. However, his thirst for .

Woman’s Sudden Death At Istanbul’s Airport Is Surrounded In Mystery

ISTANBUL — A British aid worker and former journalist found was found dead inIstanbul’s main airport. Now friends and colleagues are demanding to …
Family sees no foul play in death of British journalist

The family of a British woman who died in an Istanbul airport bathroom while in transit to Iraq says it agrees with Turkish authorities that there were no signs of foul pla

ISIS training ring for children discovered in Turkey’s capital

An ISIS training camp for children has reportedly been discovered in Istanbul, according to the English-language Turkish newspaper the Hurriyet Daily .
 ISIL child training camp discovered in Istanbul: Report

…of Tajik and Uzbek origin have been revealed to be children being trained in basement apartments in Istanbul’s Pendik and Başakşehir district

Orhan Pamuk Takes A Fresh Look At His Beloved Istanbul In ‘Strangeness’

Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk loves Istanbul. But he is a creature of the affluent corners of the city where he grew up and now lives, and he’s has …

A Strangeness in My Mind by Orhan Pamuk, review: ‘An elegy to Istanbul’

Mevlut is 12 when he arrives in Istanbul. It is the summer of 1969, and he has left his mother and sisters back home in the Anatolian village to join his …
Istanbul’s lost island of Vordonisi has been recently photographed by six divers sent by the Maltepe Municipality. Its purpose: to draw attention to the long-forgotten, sunken island

Look at Istanbul’s hottest coworking spaces

As Istanbul’s burgeoning startup scene continues to develop, the members of the community are constantly on the lookout for the best locations to
As one of the highlights of the Qatar Turkey 2015 Year of Culture, the international exhibition ‘Pearls, Jewels from the Sea’ opens at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts in Istanbul

Independent entrepreneurs bring music, art, audiences together in İstanbul and NY

And recently in İstanbul, artist Rahşan Düren occupied the Haydarpaşa train station from May through early October with her intriguing kinetic art .

LETTER FROM ISTANBUL: Breakfast With the Sultans

My wife Özge recently got a temporary transfer to Beylerbeyi, a palace on the Asian side of the city. Located in the shadow of the Bosphorus Bridge,
Designers, design exhibitions and conferences on design have all come together under the same roof during Istanbul Design Week, which opened on Oct. 14 at the Old Hat Factory (Eski Şapka Fabrikası).

A humble man in the wake of a changing Istanbul

In his new novel, “A Strangeness in My Mind,” Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk imagines the life of a humble Istanbul man whose life parallels the life of ..

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