Erdoğan blackmailing EU: “Act in Syria [that is fight against Asad], or get ready to accept more refugees… Eurosphere agenda…

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Monday (5 October) urged the EU to train rebels, and to consider a no-fly zone and safe haven area in Syria, during talks to address Europe’s growing migrant crisis.

The United States and NATO denounced Russia on Monday (5 October) for violating Turkish airspace and Ankara threatened to respond, reporting two incursions in two days and raising the prospect of direct confrontation between the former Cold War adversaries.

Nato warns Russia on Syria strikes

Nato urges Russia to end air strikes “on the Syrian opposition and civilians”, five days after Moscow launched raids to support Syria’s government.
Refugee voices in Turkey: open the borders

“We don’t want food, water or humanitarian help, we want to cross the border by land. We will cross or die here” say refugees in Turkey appealing for passage to Europe.

Syrian refugees walk of hope to Europe (Sahan Nuhoglu/Demotix)

Syrian refugees walk of hope to Europe (Sahan Nuhoglu/Demotix)

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan mocked European Union overtures for help with its migration crisis during a long-awaited visit to Brussels on Monday (5 October) that in the end was partly overshadowed by Russia’s violation of Turkish airspace near Syria.

While the nation remains pro-immigrant, officials admit many refugees from Syria and Iraq struggle to fit in


In Gartner’s hype cycle, users of a technology encounter a trough of disillusionment after the initial peak of inflated expectations. The use of Twitter by the 28 Members of the European Commission (Twitter list here) feels like being in such a deep trough that it’s almost as if this is not even social media at all any more.

VIDEO: Germany ‘expects 1.5m migrants’

There are reports that Germany could expect up to 1.5 million refugees and migrants this year, nearly double what the government officially estimates.

China could become the largest non-EU contributor to the so-called “Juncker Plan”, the European Commission President’s flagship investment initiative to revive growth in Europe.


Rethinking (im)mobilities of Roma in Europe

Roma are wrongly assumed to have a cultural predilection to move. Most Roma do not migrate, and many of their largest movements have been forced upon them.

A Roma camp is evicted in Bron, France, on 16 April 2015. Serge Mouraret/Demotix. All Rights Reserved.

VIDEO: Hamburg’s solution to migrant housing crisis

As the number of migrants entering Germany shows no sign of slowing down, authorities in Hamburg have found a novel approach to providing accommodation.
No, Portuguese voters didn’t back austerity

No, Portuguese voters didn’t back austerity

Greece Without Illusions

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras understands that his freshly reelected government is skating on the thin ice of a fiscal program that cannot succeed and a “reform” agenda that his ministers loathe. With the reality of further austerity measures set to test voters’ patience, does Tsipras have any room for maneuver?

Those wanting to become Danes will face stricter conditions in terms of language skills and financial self-reliance.
EU members finish deciding on dozens of reforms to be implemented by Greece to unlock $96bn loan deal.
Hundreds of protesters storm meeting with bosses on job cuts and attack two managers who flee under police protection.
A total of 522,124 refugees have been documented as reaching Europe, the International Organization for Migration says.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: twenty years on from Dayton

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a paralysed state. Can a way out be found by leaving behind the Dayton Peace Accord?

Sarajevo. Mirela Zarichinova/ All rights reserved.The conference centre, now named “Richard Holbrooke”, seems deserted. We walk along its empty hallways but see no sign of human existence. The only evidence that something of historical significance once happened here are five huge photos hung in the lobby. They depict men in suits gathered around a map, men in suits on red carpet, men in suits giving interviews to a bunch of reporters. Under these photos lies a pile of wedding brochures.

Germany ‘facing 1.5 million migrants’

Germany will have as many as 1.5 million asylum seekers this year – almost double the previous estimate, according to a leaked report.

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