Cyberculture agenda: FBI, MI5 continues to create moral panic around Encryption software…

Federal law enforcement officials decrying the proliferation of strong encryption said Tuesday that the only reason they lack actual examples of how often it shields criminals is that they’ve done a “bad job” of collecting them.

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The Director General of the UK’s counter-terrorist security service MI5, Andrew Parker, has said that the ever-changing encryption technologies are making it difficult for law enforcement and other agencies to track suspected terrorists and spies.

dotcom-laptopThree-and-a-half years ago dozens of armed officers and a police helicopter descended on Kim Dotcom’s mansion in New Zealand, arresting him and colleagues Mathias Ortmann, Finn Batato and Bram van der Kolk.

14 other Facebook buttons that need to exist


It looks like the Like button won’t be alone on Facebook for long.

Facebook Doesn’t Need (Or Even Want) a Dislike Button

Facebook Doesn’t Need (Or Even Want) a Dislike Button

Facebook doesn’t need a Dislike button, and it won’t build one. What it needs is an option for neutral acknowledgement, something that says “I saw this.”


Pinterest addicts, you’re not alone.

Facebook and Twitter User Behavior Changes: New Research

Is your business on Facebook and Twitter? Have you considered sharing news with your audience? Research indicates that people are using Facebook and Twitter for more than connecting with friends and brands. They’re now looking to these platforms for updates on current events. In this article you’ll discover how the way people use Facebook and Twitter is shifting, and […]

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