Cyberculture agenda: “Mapping How Tor’s Anonymity Network Spread Around the World…

Mapping How Tor’s Anonymity Network Spread Around the World

Germany has overtaken the US in total nodes, with France, the Netherlands, and Russia coming close behind.

Researchers dug through public records to uncover the true shape of cables at the heart of the U.S. Internet.

In six weeks last year, the Ice Bucket Challenge raised $115 million dollars. Now researchers at Johns Hopkins have said that the donations directly contributed to a breakthrough discovery of a protein replacement therapy that may help reverse the effects of the disease.

Celebrating the First Certificate From Let’s Encrypt 

Today we mark an important milestone in our march to encrypt all of the Web: the first-ever certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt.

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, open-source certificate authority (CA). The goal is to revolutionize encryption on websites, making HTTPS implementation a seamless, no-cost option for anyone with a domain. Forget about hours (or sometimes days) of muddling through complicated programming to set up encryption on a website, or yearly fees. Let’s Encrypt puts security in the hands of website owners.

Ashley Madison
It seems like Ashley Madison’s troubles just won’t let up. Company emails found in a data dump leaked by hackers after they breached the site’s systems reveal that it planned to send out no less than 100,000 spam tweets a month

The design studio four32c posted a tribute/obit for recently and though it was good to see recognition for its pioneering work, for the sake of digital history, it’s also important to get on the record some corrections about the story. It´s also important given the impact the pioneering work at Style and — more to the point — had on digital coverage of fashion that has followed.


Ashley Madison users chose passwords like “whyareyoudoingthis”

Now that 11.7 million Ashley Madison users’ passwords been shown to be crackable, we’re learning that password security has not improved since the last giant dump of user passwords.

sharebeastAs efforts to hinder file-sharing sites gather pace around the world, in Europe in particular, criminal actions in the U.S. remain relatively rare.

Home to the very Hollywood studios and major recording labels pressing for tough measures elsewhere, the United States has taken somewhat of a backseat, with only sporadic criminal actions to report in the past few years.

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