Wrong title. It is not “at stake”, it is already gone: “Media freedom at stake as Turkey fights rebels

“This is not the first and will not be the last,” said Asli Tunc, professor at Istanbul’s Bilgi University. “This is unfortunately a cleansing operation — a result of a government agreement with media bosses ahead of the election.” At least 140 ..
Turkey targets news ‘terror propaganda’

Turkish prosecutors begins an investigation into a major media group, after pictures were published of dead soldiers, reports say.
The chief news editor of weekly magazine Nokta, which was raided by police due to the cover of its latest issue, was released on probation on Sept. 15
Turkish prosecutors have launched an investigation into the Doğan Media Group for “terrorist propaganda” following a widely derided front-page story in pro-government daily Güneş.
The President’s Office has dismissed growing criticism of a police raid on a Turkish magazine over its cover bearing a montage picture of a smiling President Erdoğan taking a “selfie” in front of the coffin of a soldier, claiming that “insults” cannot be considered part of freedom of expression.

Turkey on the verge of civil war, says Kurdish leader

Head of Peoples’ Democratic party raises fears after spate of clashes near Syrian border between Turkish nationalists and KurdsThe leader of Turkey’s main pro-Kurdish political party has warned that the country is on the verge of civil war between state forces and militant Kurdish separatists. The remarks made by Selahattin Demirtas, co-chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic party, followed scenes of violence and firebombing in Turkey last week, with hundreds of reported attacks by nationalist mobs on offices belonging to Demirtas’s party, known by the Turkish abbreviation HDP, as well as on ordinary Kurds.

Turkey’s governors denied 282 of 290 army requests for anti-terrorism operations in 2014

Operations conducted with permits the TSK received did not pose a major blow to terrorist organizations, military sources said, adding the administration could have found this convenient.
A deputy from Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) who gave a fiery speech to a group of protesters attacking daily Hürriyet’s headquarters in Istanbul on Sept. 6 is seen threatening Hürriyet journalists and expressing his regret that they “never beat them in the past” in a newly-surfaced video.
It has been revealed that the head of the police team that was sent to Karaçöl’s home to detain him was none other than Servet Kaynak, a suspect in the Ergenekon case against the eponymous clandestine organization allegedly working to topple the
Anne Brasseur, the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has expressed her concerns about attacks targeting daily Hürriyet and the investigation launched by a prosecutor into the Doğan Media Group

Erdoğan’s fatwa-giver sees political parties as nuisance
Today’s Zaman
“This piece is the product of a mindset which has failed to embrace democracy, pluralism and living together in peace with diversities within society,” Ayhan Kaya, director of the European Institute at Bilgi University, told Today’s Zaman. In his ..

The situation appears to have again deteriorated in recent weeks with the arrests and deportations of international journalists, attacks on daily Hürriyet and a police raid on a holding company that owns opposition media

Istanbul prosecutor bans latest edition from being distributed over charges of ‘insulting the Turkish president’, Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish police raided a magazine on Monday over a mocked-up “selfie” of a smiling president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with the coffin of a soldier – an allusion to comments that families of soldiers killed by Kurdish rebels could be happy about their martyrdom.

‘People are afraid of traveling with their animals. So, the number of livestock has naturally decreased in big cities,’ breeder Yunus Coktin said, referring to the outlawed PKK’s renewed armed campaign
At least 55 militants were killed when Turkish warplanes hit the outlawed PKK camps in northern Iraq overnight, four days some 90 militants were reported killed in two operations

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