Cyberculture agenda: A report on The future of wearables…

The future of wearables: report

There have been a lot of changes to the mobile platform landscape in recent months. Innovative reimaginings of the way we connect with the world, new products and undeniably out-of-the-box features have made it an exciting time for consumers and the industry alike.
Library Suspends Tor Node After DHS Intimidation

The Kilton Public Library in Lebanon, New Hampshire, is not unusual in its commitment to the freedom to read in privacy. That commitment is shared by libraries all over the world, and written into the basic character of librarianship through documents like the American Library Association’s “Freedom to Read Statement.” What’s exceptional about Kilton, though, is it was selected by the Library Freedom Project and The Tor Project as the pilot location for a program to install Tor relays, and eventually exit nodes, in public libraries all over.

Windows 10
If you’ve noticed that your PC’s hard drive is a little cramped lately, it might be because Microsoft is automatically downloading between 3.5GB to 6GB of Windows 10 installation files — even if you haven’t opted into the upgrade. The Inquirer reports that one of its readers complained about a large folder labeled ‘$Windows.~BT’ taking up room on his system. He added that the update tries to install Windows 10 every time he boots up his PC. The download not only consumes storage space, but also takes a big bite out of users’ internet data caps and bandwidth — all without…

Don’t let the spies grab your metadata

Secrecy may have a grubbier motive, forcing state agencies to keep information from the public to prevent a backlash against their usage.

Protest at police violence in Chicago, 2014.Protest at police violence in Chicago, 2014.Demotix/M.Stan Reaves.All rights reserved.Imagine a country where you attend a protest with thousands of other people. You are demanding democracy and accountability from an increasingly unresponsive, authoritarian government.

Ashley Madison’s passwords were badly encrypted, 15 million+ passwords headed for the Web

A flaw in the fraudulent dating site’s password hashing means that at least 15 million of its users’ passwords are liable to decryption.

Deletion as Expression and Archiving Political Gaffes on Social Media

Death of the Open Internet? A Black Hat Q&A with Jennifer Granick

For more information and to purchase tickets visit:…


Facial recognition technology is Australia’s latest ‘national security weapon’


Law enforcement and government agencies will soon find it easier to identify persons of interest, with the ability to search millions of facial images of Australians culled from driver’s licenses, visas and passports.

Let’s start by stating this: Not every visual story has to be interactive! Say it again: Your visual story does not have to be interactive to be effective! Your story, however, must be engaging. If your users barely look at it, or get bored with it, then what was the point of creating a visual story in the first place? You might as well have left it out entirely. An engaging story doesn’t have to be complex or elaborate. In some cases, you can tell a cohesive story with just one image.   Photo credit: Blackhouse If your story can
Instagram announced that it will allow businesses to run ads up to 30 seconds long on its platform. Brands will also be able to use Instagram’s new landscape format for photo and video ads. The company will also expand its service to smaller clients and welcome advertisers in 30 more countries on September 30, including Italy, Spain, Mexico, India and South Korea. Instagram says it will also offer delivery and optimization tools to reach users on its own service as well as Facebook, and a new premium product called Marquee that will help “drive mass awareness and expanded reach in


Uber’s CEO made his first appearance on Stephen Colbert’s new Late Show, but it was far from a smooth ride

The Ashley Madison suicides: It’s the hackers who should feel shame

To the hackers, having an Ashley Madison account is akin to a scarlet letter – a mark of shame, an indelible stain on your character that says you were intent on causing pain to a partner. The group that targeted the company – which has an approach to business that would make people who run protection rackets blush (“Pay us to delete your account! Pssst, we might not actually delete your account.”) – has caused untold misery. By leaking the names, credit card details and fantasies of many thousands, they dropped grenades into people’s lives. It’s a well-worn argument at…

pirate bayLast week Norway became the latest country to block access to The Pirate Bay.

A local court ordered Internet providers to block users’ access to several large ‘pirate’ websites in the hope that it will decrease online copyright infringement.

Get a Peek at Someone Using Facebook’s New Assistant, ‘M’

Get a Peek at Someone Using Facebook’s New Assistant, ‘M’

One of the first people to get access to Facebook M put the service to the test. Here’s what happened.

Weevmee: Your Instagram photos turned artistic images


Weevmee autogenrates a woven-like image, based on your Instagram photos.

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