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UPDATED: 2:15 p.m. BST, Sept. 12

Leader Corbyn vows Labour ‘fightback’

Left-winger Jeremy Corbyn sweeps to a landslide victory in Labour’s leadership contest – promising to lead the party’s “fightback”.

What are the implications of Corbyn’s win for the EU debate and referendum campaign?

Following the official confirmation that Jeremy Corbyn has won the Labour leadership race, Open Europe’s Pawel Swidlicki looks the implications for the UK’s EU debate and referendum campaign and weighs up whether it makes Brexit more or less likely.


Corbyn’s golden opportunity

If Jeremy Corbyn can inspire the stunning support that has made him Labour’s leader to transform British democracy, he can succeed in ending austerity. Otherwise he is doomed.


Saving Desperate Syrians in the Age of Peer-to-Peer Aid

It’s easier than ever for people to take international aid into their own hands. This has made aid more immediate—and much more complicated.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 12.55.29
Tomorrow marks the 30th birthday of Super Mario. However, this video isn’t the type of homage you’d expect to be seeing.
Germany prepares for 40,000 migrants

The German authorities are preparing for the possible arrival of 40,000 migrants over Saturday and Sunday – double the number from last weekend.
VIDEO: Hungary’s crackdown on illegal migrants

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban promises tougher action on migrants, saying that people who illegally cross in to his country will be arrested.
Almost half of Syria is fleeing


The image of the lifeless little boy, facedown on a beach, highlights the deadly risks for Syrian refugees.



France has suspended an honorary consul in Bodrum, Turkey, after she was secretly filmed selling dinghies and life jackets from a shop she owns to refugees trying to reach Greece.


Unshaven, without a tie, the young dissident surveyed the crowd before him. It was June 16, 1989, and 250,000 people had gathered in Heroes’ Square for the reburial of Imre Nagy, the leader of the failed 1956 revolution. Viktor Orbandemanded that Soviet troops leave Hungary. Soon afterward, they did.

“It proved to be the right sentence, because it was true and came from the people’s hearts,” Orban told me a decade later.


Saudi Arabia says criticism of Syria refugee response ‘false and misleading’

The kingdom, which has not signed the UN Convention on Refugees, claims it has given residency to 100,000 people as war rages in Syria


Catalan separatists hold mass rally

Hundreds of thousands of Catalans rally in Barcelona, calling for independence from Spain ahead of crucial regional elections.

Not everyone in Germany is eager to welcome refugees


HAMBURG, Germany — About 100 volunteers lined up outside an enormous concrete storage hall at the convention center early Thursday morning, waiting to sort mounds of clothing, shoes, toys and toiletry donated to the city’s growing number of refugees.


France ends coal subsidies for developing countries amid fears of COP 21 failure

France hopes its decision to end export credits for coal-fired power stations will breathe life into the sluggish international climate negotiations, which have all but ground to a halt in the EU. EurActiv France reports.


Europe’s refugee crisis: Where people are coming from


In recent weeks, the world has been moved by the plight of the Syrians, fleeing a years-long civil war and coming to Europe in search of a better life.

Addressing the European Parliament on Wednesday, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called on the EU member states to redistribute an additional 120,000 refugees throughout the Union. His plan balances humanitarian needs with economic feasibility, some commentators write in praise. Others demand clearer rules on migration.

President Hollande announced that France would no longer provide financial support for coal-fired power plants overseas unless they are equipped with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, writes Pascal Canfin.

All countries that belong to the European family must abide by EU policy, says Dimitris Avramopolous. Hungary should be more cooperative in registering refugees. Der Tagesspiegel reports.

TV woman ‘sorry’ for kicking migrants

A Hungarian camerawoman sacked for kicking and tripping migrants near the Serbian border apologises but insists she is not a racist.

Refugee crisis in Europe: remember Latin America

This is not only a European crisis but a global one, and it should be approached as such, involving nations throughout the world in its solution. As it did in the past, Latin America can give a hand. Português.


Orban, Hungary and the walls of Europe

Instead of joining Europe in its quest for liberalism, the new EU members are putting up obstacles.

Welcome to the European Union: notes from Lesbos

The Greek island of Lesbos is struggling with overwhelming numbers of refugees arriving daily on its shores. What can be done to solve this humanitarian crisis?


Do we need more crimmigration? Lessons from US anti-deportation activism

Immigrant rights activists are challenging mass incarceration and the US government’s increasing reliance on deportation due to the devastating effects of both on communities of colour.

Immigrant rights activists at the Federal Building in Manhattan 5 April 2014.Michael Fleshman/Flickr. Creative Commons.

The forces driving refugees towards the EU will not disappear in the foreseeable future. Europe needs a comprehensive long-term strategy to improve the political and security situation in its neighbourhood. And whatever else it does, it needs to take urgent steps to accommodate and integrate refugees already in Europe. The European Commission is on the right track and the member-states should follow its lead.

With eyes on Europe, we are forgetting those still crossing

Instead of focusing on this humanitarian crisis, governments in Europe, the United States and Canada are only concerned with the number of migrants they can take in.

Refugees at the port of Catania. Demotix/Salvatore Allegra. All rights reserved.


Unravelling past tensions in Sarajevo

Bosnian businesses mending past tensions

VIDEO: Response to Europe’s migration crisis

Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, is to lay out plans for handling numbers of refugees who are seeking safety in Europe.

Hungarian far-right TV journalist fired after abusing Syrian migrants on camera

A camerawoman for the Hungarian broadcaster N1TV tripped a man with a child in his arms who was fleeing from police at a migrant camp near the Serbian border on Tuesday. Credit Stephan Richter, via Twitter

A camerawoman for the Hungarian broadcaster N1TV tripped a man with a child in his arms who was fleeing from police at a migrant camp near the Serbian border on Tuesday. Credit Stephan Richter, via Twitter

A camerawoman for a private television channel in Hungary was fired late on Sept.8 after videos of her kicking and tripping up migrants fleeing police, including a man carrying a child, spread in the media and on the internet.

While Germany has surprised the world with its welcome of refugees, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary and Denmark are growing hostile towards them, despite the fact that asylum seekers show no interest in settling there.

A French court on Thursday (10 September) upheld a ruling in which US biotech giant Monsanto was found guilty of poisoning a farmer who says he suffered neurological damage after inhaling a weedkiller made by the company.

VIDEO: Hungary prepares to secure border

The Hungarian government is preparing to strengthen security on its border with Serbia.

A Walk With Refugees Through Hungary to Europe

Refugees crowd a road in Budapest, Hungary. September 4, 2015. Photo by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, CC 2.0.

Refugees crowd a road in Budapest, Hungary. September 4, 2015. Photo by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, CC 2.0.

Europe’s migration crisis a boon for organised crime
The Sofia Globe
In Turkey, larger unseaworthy old cargo vessels — so-called ghost ships because the crews abandon the vessels as they near Europe’s shoreline — can net nearly $4 million per trip in profits. … In a classified 10-page document leaked in May by the

Hungarian official admits campaign to generate hate against migrants

A Hungarian official indirectly admitted that the poster campaign ordered by the government last summer to discourage immigrants from coming into the country was aimed at generating hate towards them.

European Union member states are ‘burden-shifting’ rather than ‘burden-sharing’ when it comes to the management of the recent influx of refugees, argues Manon Tiessink.

French President François Hollande has reversed his stance in foreign policy and is considering ordering airstrikes against IS targets in Syria, he announced on Monday in Paris. Hollande is simply trying to cast himself as a political man of action, some commentators criticise. Others see his initiative as a way of tackling the migration crisis at its roots.

Germany ‘can cope with more migrants’

Germany can cope with at least 500,000 asylum seekers a year for several years, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel says.

Denmark’s immigration ministry published advertisements in Lebanese media aimed at discouraging migrants from coming to the country.

Some of the greatest advances in art and science come from Africa, India and other non-Western cultures.

President Barack Obama has directed his administration to prepare to take in at least 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year, the White House said on Thursday (10 September).

‘Made in China’ vs. ‘made in the EU’: what’s the difference?

Foxconn’s operations in the Czech Republic and Turkey are similar to those so frequently criticised in China. Treating the latter as an exception obscures crucial dynamics of global capitalism.

Juncker urged additional eurozone reform in his “state of the union” address in Strasbourg

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