Migrant crisis makes it to Turkey shores….

At least 11 migrants believed to be Syrians drowned as two boats sank after leaving southwest Turkey for the Greek island of Kos

Will the image of a lifeless boy on a beach change the refugee debate?

National newspaper front pages runs pictures that humanise the crisis of people travelling to Europe to flee the conflict in Syria

Most of Thursday’s UK national newspaper front pages were dominated by pictures of a policeman lifting the lifeless body of a three-year-old boy who had been washed up on the Turkish shore.

A 13-year old Syrian boy stranded at a train station in Hungary has spoken out, asking European leaders to stop the war in Syria.

18 Turkish workers kidnapped in Baghdad

Masked men in military and police uniforms kidnapped 18 Turkish workers and engineers in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Sept. 2. Turkish nationals were selected from a group of workers during the incident, the Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson Tanju Bilgiç told reporters

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