Journalism agenda: “Native apps still matter in the Age of Distribution

A study published last month confirmed what we already know: Americans across all demographics are increasingly getting their news from Facebook and Twitter. Nearly two-thirds of Facebook and Twitter users saying they use those social platforms to get news, with Twitter users particularly using it for breaking news.

Gawker Is Really Great—No Really, It’s So Great

Does a brand still mean anything in news?

Ezra Klein bubbled up a provocative question and raised some good points in his recent piece “Is the media becoming a wire service?” In the Age of Distribution, the news body seems destined to be increasingly disconnected from the news head. It seems quaint to actually go to a news-branded site to read that company’s take on the news of the day. Instead, Flipboard flips it to us. Messaging services like Snapchat surprise even themselves by becoming “platforms”. Facebook (Instant Articles) and Apple (News) want in on the action, and who knows how Alphabet will rearrange the letters N-E-W-S?


Bulgaria’s harsh media landscape should serve as a warning about declining press freedoms in Europe, writes Kadrinka Kadrinova.

Why Facebook now sends more traffic to news sites than Google


Google is still the most-viewed website in the world. But when it comes to driving traffic to media sites, Facebook is now the clear winner, according to analytics firm


Facebook, Not Google, Is Now the Top Referral Source for Digital Publishers

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