A maths teacher @ekolhoca uses @Periscopeco for educational purposes and already covered in the Independent…

Ekol Hoca, from Izmir in Turkey, is not an ordinary maths teacher.


Every day he’s at the whiteboard by 5.30am, ready to instruct more than 1,000 students via the livestreaming app Periscope – and he doesn’t even get paid for it. Continue to read here


Housing, food and transport total over half of household spending in Turkey

The results of a new survey by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK) have shown the majority of household spending in Turkey in 2014 went to housing and house rentals, food and transportation.
A group of Syrian migrants have been denied entry to a mosque in the Aegean province of İzmir, after spending days at the mosque in an effort to secure basic living needs, such as food and accommodation.
A majority of blue collar workers have named poor working conditions as the biggest reason to find a new job, according to a survey by Eleman.net, a leading recruitment website for this group of laborers.
Are you traveling in Turkey and not sure what souvenir to buy or what local speciality to try in which place? We have a list for you, inevitably dominated by traditional art and food
‘You can’t play Jewish marches here, you can’t play Israeli music here,’ an angry man told the band members in Istanbul’s Avcılar neighborhood while they were playing ‘Bella ciao’

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