Greek bank stocks down for third day

Greek bank shares have fallen sharply for a third day, continuing the trend seen since the stock exchange re-opened at the start of the week.
Anger at Sweden anti-begging adverts

Far-right party’s metro adverts apologise to tourists for beggars in Stockholm.

In an interview with Handelsblatt, Michel Sapin said Wolfgang Schäuble was “wrong” about Grexit, but the French-German relationship goes from strength to strength. La Tribune reports.


Fake morals and forced identities for young migrants in Europe

Young migrants live dynamic lives, yet dominant conceptions only allow them two identities: ‘victim of child trafficking’ or ‘illegal migrant’. These identities are forced and based on fake morals.


Greek bank shares continue to fall

Shares in Greek banks fall for a second day in Athens, but non-financial shares fare better.
Hungary’s future: anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism and anti-Roma?

Hungary’s prime minister believes Hungary cannot cope with immigration as it has no experience of ‘multiculturalism’ – but Hungary must face up to its past and its future as a diverse nation.

Members of the New Hungarian Guard at a Jobbik rally. Wikimedia/Public domain.Hungary has recently passed new legislation tightening asylum rules and is now building a border fence along the Serbian border to keep migrants and refugees out. Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán, believes Hungary cannot cope with any immigration, as it has no experience of ‘multiculturalism’. But Hungary has always been multicultural, with Roma and other minorities making up 10-12% of the country’s citizens.


In reaction to attempts by thousands of refugees to enter the UK via the Channel Tunnel France’s government has ordered more police to be deployed to Calais. David Cameron announced new fences and tracker dogs on the British side of the tunnel. The British Prime Minister is playing into the hands of the radical anti-asylum camp, some commentators criticise. Others say London is shifting all the responsibility for the situation onto Paris.

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