Whatever happens, uglification of İstanbul continues: “Construction of controversial prayer room in Istanbul’s Rumeli Fortress completed- İstanbul news roundup…

The construction of a controversial prayer room inside Istanbul’s Rumeli Fortress has been completed amid a long-running dispute between Turkish architects and art historians
A major new art installation project in Turkey’s largest city will “draw attention to Istanbul from all around the world,” organizers have claimed
“Have you ever wished to have a place to publish your complaint or your vision for your city? Have you ever found yourself having a good idea for your neighborhood but no one to address it to?” asks Istanbul’s new urban initiative, Nextistanbul, on its website, while offering to “give you the possibility to get active.”
The pollution in one of Istanbul’s central creeks has reached an excessive level, as the creek was recently seen covered with black-colored bubbles and emitting an unbearable smell.
A 106-meter-long Sierra Leone-flagged dry cargo vessel named the Majed and Randy crashed into the Ethem Pertev mansion
One of the world’s oldest luxury hotels, the Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah in Istanbul, will host the “Black Week Turkey” event on Oct. 22-24 in honor of Agatha Christie’s 125th birthday with the attendance of the famous author’s grandson and a number of leading crime fiction authors
Thousands of athletes from around the world gathered July 26 in Istanbul for the 27th Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race. They swam from the Asian to the European side, enjoying the beauty of the Bosphorus and the joy of crossing two continents
The construction of Istanbul’s huge new airport started as of May 1 this year, two years after the tender, under the shadow of challenges at the construction site and questions over the potential environmental effects of the project
Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport saw all-time high flight traffic on July 21, with 1,389 airplanes taking off from or landing at the airport. The previous record ocurred on May 14 this year, with 1,375 landings and take-offs

In Istanbul, if the wind is blowing toward the shore, it’s not advisable to swim, since the wind blows the refuse and other junk in from the busy Bosporus,

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