Athens will not present a new reform list at the meeting with the euro finance ministers on Thursday, Greek Finance Minister announced after inconclusive talks with EU Commission President Juncker and the IMF. The negotiations are proving so tough because the IMF and the Eurozone are pursuing different goals, commentators point out, and warn against underestimating the consequences of a Grexit.

MAIN FOCUS: Juncker breaks off talks with Athens | 15/06/2015

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Sunday broke off a mediation attempt in the debt conflict with Greece owing to major differences. While preventing a Grexit is imperative, the creditors must make no further concessions to Athens, some commentators argue. Others believe a Grexit would strengthen Europe.

Greece and its creditors are locked in a stalemate after loan talks collapsed over the weekend, bringing Athens just two weeks away from a catastrophic default on its debt. On Thursday (18 June), when the Eurogroup will for the last time try to find a solution, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will be on a visit to Russia.


Europe anger at ‘amateurish’ Greeks

German and EU officials vent their frustration, with time running out for reaching a Greek debt deal, as Greece’s leader tells creditors to get real.
Greek shares fall for third day

Greek shares fall for a third day after fears that it could leave the euro intensify and the French president warns there is “little time” to reach a deal on economic reforms.

Greece’s new plan: leaked weekend counterproposal

Greece’s Alexis Tsipras with EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker last week

Spain’s new leftist mayors promise new era

Spain’s new left-wing mayors promise end to corruption
ERT: the inside story of Greece’s free speech experiment

The inside story of ERT – the Greek public broadcaster shut down by the former government, which kept broadcasting in a show of defiance, and was finally re-launched by Syriza last week.

Public broadcasters kicked out of studio, read news bulletin in the street with riot police standing right behind them

Anti-EU MEPs form far-right bloc

French National Front leader Marine Le Pen announces she has formed a political group of far-right parties in the European Parliament.

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