Eurosphere agenda: “Greek PM asks creditors to drop ‘irrational’ demands

Alexis Tsipras says his country close to debt deal but urges EU-IMF to drop “absurd” demands for further austerity cuts.
Leaked: Greece’s new debt restructuring plan

Tsipras, left, with European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras presented a 47-page list of reforms in the context of negotiations with Jean-Claude Juncker. The list contains many recommendations – especially those that have been rejected by donors.

VIDEO: Acronym dispute: Greek debt explained

Greece’s debt dilemma explained
The Balkans is not on the brink

A critical response to Edward P. Joseph’s article “The Balkans, Interrupted published in Foreign Affairs, which has caused much anxiety and bewilderment in the region.

Greece to delay IMF debt payment

Greece tells the International Monetary Fund it will delay Friday’s €300m (£216m) debt repayment and bundle all four of its June payments together.
Terrorism and organised crime are serious threats to Europe. The EU is better placed than the member-states to deal with the transnational aspects of these threats. But disagreements between the Council and the Parliament result in gridlock over security measures. One reason is that sensitive information cannot be shared with MEPs, leaving them in the dark about both the threats and the means to deal with them. If the EU wants to tackle the threat of terrorism effectively, MEPs should be given adequate access to confidential information.

Following the Conservative Party’s victory in the 2015 general election, the UK is set to hold an in/out referendum on its membership of the European Union before the end of 2017.


The Greek island of Lesbos, with its idyllic beaches and clear blue water, is seen as a tourist hotspot.

Ukraine’s labour reforms threaten workers’ rights

7410485.jpgThe oligarchs have joined forces to railroad a new labour code that strips Ukrainian workers of their already modest rights.

VIDEO: Greece defers €300m IMF payment

Greece chooses to defer a payment of €300m (£216m) that was due to be paid to the International Monetary Fund, the first ever deferral by a developed economy.

Fifa President Joseph Blatter announced his resignation on Tuesday but intends to remain in office until his successor is elected. According to media reports Blatter is now also under investigation for corruption. Courageous journalists and lawyers have brought down the boss of the international football association, some commentators applaud. For others Blatter’s guilt has yet to be proven.

The end game approaches in Greece

The end game approaches in Greece

There have been countless rumours over the past days, weeks and months that a deal is close in negotiations between Greece and the Eurozone. But as we enter June, the issue will have to be settled one way or another. Open Europe’s Raoul Ruparel lays out where Greece stands and the prospects for a deal.

The people united: on the populism of the Mediterranean purple wave

The populist discourse of Podemos and Syriza is the attempt to cope with a post-industrial and crisis-ridden economy in which traditional class identifications fail to mobilise the electorate.

Podemos supporter's banner reads.'I was part of the year of change.'

Podemos supporter’s banner reads.’I was part of the year of change.’ Demotix/Marcos del Mazo.

Is Polish politics about to get messy again?

Is Polish politics about to get messy again?

With Polish politics in a state of flux following the Presidential elections, Open Europe’s Pawel Swidlicki looks at the new parties set to challenge the establishment in autumn’s parliamentary elections, and what this could mean for Poland’s place in the EU and for David Cameron’s renegotiation.

The EU-Armenia entanglement: failed relations and the shadow of a new approach

Armenia is trapped between its traditional ties to the East and a desire to integrate with the West. In the light of an increasingly aggressive Russian foreign policy, what are Armenia’s European options?

Italian regional elections: and the winner is…?

Thanks to extremely complex electoral laws and the ease with which alliances are created and broken, as is usual in Italy, all sides claim victory. However, there are some striking conclusions we can draw from the results.

Matteo Salvini has established Lega Nord as the main right-wing opposition. Demotix/Cosimo Consoli. All rights reserved.

Relieved of his duties as leader of the National Front delegation in the European Parliament after calling for the “de-Islamification of France”, sources told AFP that Aymeric Chauprade is now the subject of a legal inquiry. EurActiv Franceand AFP report.

How the SNP-Tory dynamics shifted the 2015 election

Fear of the SNP drove voters to the Tories – a fear that Labour’s leadership candidates are failing to discuss.

The European Parliament retaliated against a Russian entry ban on European politicians and military leaders on Tuesday (2 June), saying Moscow’s envoy to Brussels was no longer welcome at the assembly and Russian lawmakers would be vetted before being allowed in.

The European Union’s ambition to end mobile roaming charges for citizens travelling across the continent is being stymied by member states backing their national operators, officials say.

Greece’s international creditors have made Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras a “final offer”, according to media reports after a meeting on Monday evening in Berlin. The offer purportedly proposes a compromise on the terms for further bailout payments. At last Athens is taking the role of a self-confident negotiating partner, some commentators write approvingly. Others hope the proposal will prevent a Grexit for the time being.

Is there an Alternative for Denmark?

The outcome of Denmark’s general election on June 18 could depend heavily on the success of a radical new party called The Alternative.

Blacklists in Belarus

This is presidential election year, which usually means a tightening of the screws on any hint of opposition.

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