In the 2nd anniversary, a massive painting in tribute to Occupy Gezi launched in Karaköy, İstanbul

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Taksim Solidarity: We’re Everywhere on 2nd Anniversary of Gezi Park Resistance

2nd anniversary of Gezi Park Resistance will be commemorated on May 31 inGezi Park at 13 a.m. There will be meetings for Gezi in Beşiktaş and Kadıköy districts of İstanbul at 15 a.m

Right groups call to mark anniversary of Gezi demos

Taksim Solidarity, a collective organization of several rights groups and NGOs at the center of the Gezi Park protests of 2013, called for a march to the central Istanbul park on May 31, the date marking the second anniversary of the mass protests that sent shockwaves through the countr
Social scientist Prof. Dr. David Harvey attended the meeting of Taksim Solidarity: ”Gezi was a struggle to create an objective unalienated alternative in an alienated environment.”

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