#KazliçeşmeDeHalayVAR vs. #YenikapıdaBuluşuyoruz TWO MASSIVE RALLIES in İstanbul today. HDP vs. Erdoğan #TurkeyElections

A genuine crowd…

from the HDP Kazlıçeşme rally
HDP so far had a great grassroots campaigning and the only challanger of AKP hegemony. Now crowning this campaign with a massive rally in İstanbul.
AKP mobilized all state resources to challenge HDP rally with the pretext of celebrating the 562nd anniversary of Istanbul’s conquest… Supposedly non-Partisan President Erdoğan hand in hand with AKP leader Ahmet Davutoğlu…
AKP rally will start at 5:30 pm.
Two suspects have been detained after two members of Islamist and pro-Kurdish Free Cause Party (Hüda-Par) were killed on May 29 in Turkey’s southeastern Şırnak province, local officials have said.
4,709 square meter poster featuring Turkish president and PM enters Guinness Book of World Records as largest in history. It is on display in an Istanbul event today
Turkish PM Davutoğlu said he could not comment fully because of ‘state secrecy,’ but said Turkey provided the Syrian people and the Free Syrian Army with assistance, without specifying whether the aid was of a military nature.
A new academic study by the main opposition CHP argues that the authoritarianism of Turkey’s ruling party has gone beyond the political sphere to include all of society, including the cultural and economic spheres.
Leaders of the political parties that will run in the June 7 elections have geared up their elections campaigns with consecutive public rallies, as well as media interviews, in order to reach more people and garner more votes, with less than 10 days to go until polls
An Istanbul deputy from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) announced his resignation May 29 over his recognition of the party’s “divisive” policies under the roof of the presidential system.

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