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How Richard Stallman does his computing

Richard Stallman, the free software activist and author of some of the world’s most used and useful software, probably uses his computer and the Internet a lot differently than you do. For starters, ethics and privacy concerns trump his need for convenience.

eztv-logo-smallDuring the spring of 2005 several large TV-torrent sites were knocked offline, leaving a gaping void that was soon filled by a new torrent distribution group, EZTV.

7 most common data visualization mistakes

In my last article, I mentioned some of the best tools for data visualization. While all of them were powerful tools, they are only as useful as the hands they are in. Selection of the right tool is just the first step, the bigger job is to create an easy-to-understand visualization that makes data interesting and unambiguous.

Reddit Wants to Exile Trolls. But Growing Up Is Hard

Reddit Wants to Exile Trolls. But Growing Up Is Hard
Wikipedia - Magna Carta Embroidery
It’s Wikipedia, but not as you know it. The ‘Magna Carta’, often considered to be one of the most important democratic documents of the Western world, celebrates its 800th birthday next month. To mark the occasion award-winning artist Cornelia Parker decided to pay tribute to the historic charter with a somewhat modern twist. Parker, with assistance from some 200 individuals, took to creating a detailed hand-stitched version of the Magna Carta’s Wikipedia page. Those who helped Parker make the recreation a reality include a range of famous names, such as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker, Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange and infamous…
You know how massive corporations often find clever and completely legal ways of paying less tax than they really should despite it being a reprehensible and predatory way to do business with an entire nation?
IMG_0265 (1)
President Obama fired up the @Potus Twitter account for the first time earlier today and, with one tweet, he’s already rocketing towards a million followers, at the time of writing. I used follower analytics tool SocialRank to take a look at who’s amongst the initial influx.
Google has announced a new typeface for Google Books: Literata. Replacing Droid Serif as the default typeface for e-books via Google Books, Google says Literata is “perfect for long reads on all devices”. Created in conjunction with TypeFace, Google began work on Literata in April 2014. The goal was a “new book typeface was needed that would provide an outstanding reading experience on a whole range of devices and high resolution screens running different rendering technologies”. Introducing Google Play Books’ new font, Literata. Perfect for long reads on all devices. — Google Play (@GooglePlay) May 18, 2015 Literata…

eucommtechreportA few years ago Europe witnessed the largest piracy-related busts in history withthe raid of the popular movie streaming portal

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