New Turkish sites on UNESCO list… so that we can destroy them… news from the social fabric…

Ten new cultural and natural Turkish heritage sites have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List
The Turkish Environment and Urbanization Ministry has prepared a special environment protection plan for the Ihlara Valley in Turkey’s central Anatolian province of Aksaray, where the construction of daily facilities such as buffets and tea gardens will be permitted

How the Manchester Guardian reported on the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915

The first reference to the Armenian genocide in the Manchester Guardian was on 24 May 1915:

Policemen evacuated the shops in Grand Bazaar. Thousands of tradesmen have been thinking they will be suffered from this incident. Representative of Chamber of Architects was left outside and the media wasn’t included.
An investigation has been opened into the artists who appeared in a short film commemorating the one-year anniversary of the death of Berkin Elvan, a young Gezi protest victim
According to the DİSK-AR’s report of child labor, 4+4+4 education law made compulsory age for primary school 6 to 13 and caused child labor to increase and the age of working children to decrease up to 13.
Prof. Oktay Sinanoğlu, one of Turkey’s most prominent scholars who was known for his books on the Turkish language and became Yale University’s youngest professor of the 20th century, died early April 20 in the United States
Oktay Sinanoğlu, a prominent Turkish physical chemist referred to as the Turkish Einstein has passed away at the age of 80 in the U.S. early Monday. Sinanoğlu had been in a coma in a Miami hospital, according to his wife Dilek Sinanoğlu. 
Feminist artists drew Nevin Yıldırım onto sheets which they then hung in the streets, with the maxim: “We are divulging all the injustices we are experiencing, one sheet at a time, to secure justice for women!”
The Jakarta Post (Indonesia) April 14, 2015, p. 6                  Español  Français  Italiano Dani Rodrik * Until recently, the military was widely regarded as Turkish society’s most powerful and cohesive institution. At the end of March, a retrial finally resulted in the acquittal of more than 200 Turkish military officers who had been convicted of […]

Once upon a time Turkey has a sympathetic president: Turgut Özal

'Hadi bir kaset koy da neşelenelim Semra Hanım'


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