For the record, Turkish Airlines (THY) General Manager Kotil believes Pilots should marry to to avoid Germanwings-like crashes’… A social fabric roundup…

Turkish Airlines (THY) General Manager Kotil, recalling allegations that the Germanwings co-pilot crashed the plane on purpose killing 150 people, said they would encourage their pilots to marry.
Turkish Airlines CEO Temel Kotil has come up with an unusual suggestion
Turkey commemorates National Sovereignty Day and Children’s Day on April 23 with several ceremonies across the country
The Constitutional Court ruled that barring an inmate’s access to magazine does not comply with democratic social order nor cohere with legitimate purposes.
A former professor at Ege University in Turkey’s Aegean city of İzmir, who was jailed for preventing a female student with a headscarf from entering a faculty building, was released on April 16 after spending four-and-a-half months in jail
Human bone fragments found during an excavation conducted in a rural zone in the eastern province of Tunceli will be tested to determine whether they are the remains of 24 people who were killed in Dersim in 1938.
Legal action has been taken against soldiers seen torturing a dog after video footage of the incident began circulating online
The Turkish capital’s eccentric mayor has announced the municipality will install a dinosaur statue to replace the controversial Transformers-esque robot

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