Cyberculture agenda: Kremlin’s Twitter Bot Campaign…Snapchat’s first transparency report…

Profile pictures from a large network of pro-Kremlin Twitter accounts. Image by Lawrence Alexander.

With the aid of open-source tools, Internet researcher Lawrence Alexander gathered and visualised data on nearly 20,500 pro-Kremlin Twitter accounts, revealing the massive scale of information manipulation attempts on the RuNet. In what is the first part of a two-part analysis, he explains how he did it and what he found.

Following other major social networks and online platforms like Twitter and Dropbox, Snapchat has gone and released its first ever transparency report on government requests for user data. The data only covers a four-month period starting in November, but still provides some insight on how much information different governments are looking for. As usual, the US had by far the most requests: 375 out of 403. Snapchat produced some information for 92% of these requests. Other countries yielded 28 requests, for which information was produced for just 21% of them. The UK, France and Canada had the most of these,…
Bangladeshi police have arrested two men, allegedly to be religious students for the stabbing murder of blogger Washiqur Rahman aged 27 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Image by Sony Ramany. Copyright Demotix

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