All dead in the hostage drama… #BerkininKatilleriAçıklansın

I was among many who did not appreciate such an action against the prosecutor. If there could be any reason to lessen the severity of this act, what I understand after reading hours of Twitter messages and official statements, the militants were to make a show off and were to highlight the slow pace of Berkin Elvan murder trial and they would surrender. There are contradictory statements- as usual- and not much transparency but I believe the prosecutor is probably killed during the special-ops storming of the office. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the bullets that killed prosecutor do belong to security forces. During the evening, I was sure there would be an operation. Authoritarian governments would like to show off. It is a good election material to demonstrate. For us, outsiders, on the other hand, it is too sad to see more citizens being killed today. …
There are conspiracy theories abound. I tend not to agree with most of them. Militants’ organization, DHKC has a notorious ideology and belief in armed struggle. They have lost most of their armed power in the past, and their amateurish actions mostly serve ruling party’s agenda.  But they will keep doing that. They have such a rigorous belief and tradition.
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Mashable ‏@mashable Hospital officials say Turkish prosecutor held hostage in Istanbul, has died. 
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One of the last statements from the militants: “Our people, we love you so much”
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Hurriyet Daily News ‏@HDNER Prosecutor dies at hospital after being wounded during violent end of Istanbul hostage drama 
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These are the two killed militants…
Special-ops units held an operation against the hostage-takers in Istanbul Courthouse, killing all 2 activists and evacuating the abducted prosecutor in an ambulance.
The court ruled that evidence in the case, which involved 236 defendants, was tampered with and ordered the suspects released.
Reminders for Another Rollercoaster News Day in Turkey


Two suspected members of an outlawed far-left group were killed by security forces after they took a prosecutor hostage at an Istanbul courthouse March 31. The prosecutor, who was in the case into the killing of the youngest Gezi victim, died after being seriously injured.
Security forces launched simultaneous operations on the houses of students who were allegedly involved in student group clashes at universities in the capital Ankara last month.
Storming his office in Istanbul Courthouse, DHKC organization members held as hostage Mehmet Selim Kiraz – the prosecutor in charge of Berkin Elvan killing investigation.

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