Eurosphere agenda: “France launches Syria anti-IS strikes

France launches Syria anti-IS strikes BBC News | Europe | World Edition France says it has carried out its first air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria France launches first air strikes against ISIL in Syria  AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) Announcement comes after Hollande unveiled change of strategy due to growing concern over Syrian refugee … Read more

All dead in the hostage drama… #BerkininKatilleriAçıklansın

I was among many who did not appreciate such an action against the prosecutor. If there could be any reason to lessen the severity of this act, what I understand after reading hours of Twitter messages and official statements, the militants were to make a show off and were to highlight the slow pace of Berkin Elvan … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Syriza-led Greek parliament ‘will never ratify TTIP’

 Syriza-led Greek parliament ‘will never ratify TTIP’ The newly-elected government in Athens has always been suspicious of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and will use its Parliament majority to sink the EU-US trade pact, claims a former Syriza MEP now turned minister. EurActiv Greece reports. Greece holds ‘crucial’ meetings to secure new debt agreement … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Europe’s Jihadi Generation… “The middle-class voters who can’t resist Marx…

MAIN FOCUS: Syriza forms coalition with right-wing party | 27/01/2015 euro|topics Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as new Greek prime minister on Monday, just 21 hours after the voting booths closed, to lead a coalition with the Eurosceptic and right-wing populist Independent Greeks party. The impoverished middle classes have brought this unusual alliance to … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: #Syriza victory roundup…

MAIN FOCUS: Syriza wins in Greece | 26/01/2015 euro|topics The left-wing coalition Syriza has emerged as the clear winner of the elections in Greece but appears to have fallen short of an absolute majority. Party leader Alexis Tsipras has announced the end of the austerity policy in Greece, but indicated his readiness to negotiate with the … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Greek exit polls signal #Syriza win

Greek exit polls signal Syriza win  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Exit polls suggest a clear victory for the anti-austerity Syriza party in a tightly fought Greek general election. Greek politics: a River runs through it open Democracy News Analysis – by Stavros Theodorakis Stavros Theodorakis, leader of To Potami (The River) – the party … Read more