Gov’t wishful thinking about a Twitter based whistleblower (@fuatavni_f). Supposedly he is identified…

Columnist Emre Uslu, a former policeman, rejects claims that he is behind the much-speculated on Fuat Avni account
Turkish President is finally on Twitter as his first ‘real’ tweet is an anti-smoking message

Previously president had attacked Twitter saying ‘I don’t like to tweet, schmeet’ and compared social media to a ‘knife in the hand of a murderer’


Previously taken back, Twitter now released its transparency report on Turkey again. According to the report, Turkey still tops the list worldwide with most requests to censor tweets.
The Finance Ministry is working on a draft to allow Twitter to open an ‘electronic office’ in Turkey

In its latest Transparency Report, which Twitter unveiled this week, the company noted that it had received 796 removal requests from international governments, which was up 84 percent on the first half of 2014.

And, amazingly, one country accounted for almost sixty percent of that tally.

Turkey made 477 content content removal requests to Twitter in the last six months of 2014, which was more than every other country in the world combined.

Turkey and Russia drive rise in Twitter user account information requests

Government requests for Twitter user account information rose by 40% in the second half of 2014, while demands to remove content increased by 84% – Jose Pagliery – Feb 6 – Consistently, it decides to censor. This isn’t about your photos or public messages violating Facebook’s own rules, like posting pornography. This is Facebook acting as a government censor on that country’s behalf. It’s worst in India, Turkey and…
lemonde.frFeb 9, 2:01 AM – Je ressens une profonde déception lorsque je constate où en est arrivé mon pays au cours des dernières années. Le pouvoir a dévié de sa trajectoire en démolissant ce qu’il avait construit
Twitter BlogsFeb 9 – Since we launched our first transparency report back in 2012, many other companies have followed suit (more than 30, according to this recently published list by Access). These reports shine a light on government requests for customers’

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