As Turkey loses the Charlie Hebdo trial… “Turkish PM calls reprinting of Charlie Hebdo cartoons ‘deliberate provocation’


Davutoğlu slammed Cumhuriyet for reprinting the Charlie Hebdo cartoon featuring the Prophet Muhammad
The authorities in Egypt and Turkey moved to place restrictions on the cartoon, which shows the prophet shedding a tear over the Paris massacre.
Charlie Hebdo poster burned in protest as Muslim leaders condemn cover

Protest in the Philippines and Turkish website ban come as magazine is accused of reckless provocation Condemnation swift in Muslim nations over ‘Hebdo’ cover

… reach of Islamic values in public life to a degree never seen before, said ErkanSaka, a professor of communications at Bilgi University in Istanbul.
A senior government official has indirectly slammed Turkish daily Cumhuriyet’s decision to publish the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s cover cartoon, describing the move an “open provocation.”
Charlie Hebdo: Turkey will block web pages featuring front cover

Turkish court orders ban on accessing online news portals which feature satirical magazine’s depiction of the prophet MuhammadA Turkish court has ruled to block some web pages featuring the cover of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
Dozens of protesters demonstrate in Istanbul on Wednesday against pro-secular newspaper Cumhuriyet which published translated versions of Charlie Hebdo cartoons. The protesters burned copies of the paper and said its employees ‘will pay for what they did’. They also expressed support for the Kouachi brothers who carried out the attack on the French satirical magazine’s offices, killing 12 people Continue reading…
Ahmet Davutoğlu accuses Israeli leader of crimes against humanity and criticises publication of prophet cartoons
The head of Turkey’s Directorate General for Religious Affairs (Diyanet) said inter-religion dialogue was not possible between Islam and Christianity
Turkish Airlines did not distribute Turkish daily Cumhuriyet to its passengers Jan. 15, a day after the daily reprinted several cartoons from the latest edition of French satire weekly Charlie Hebdo.
Euronews, 14/01/2015                                                                                Türkçe Bahtiyar Küçük After the terrorist attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, not only France but many across the whole of Europe came together against it. Around four million people poured onto the streets of France to protest against terrorism on Sunday. […]
The IPI condemned a raid by Turkish police on the printing press of daily Cumhuriyet, which the authorities feared might contain insulting images of the Prophet Muhammad
The Charlie Hebdo controversy may put an end to whatever press freedom is left in Turkey.
As the killings at a French satirical magazine stunned the world last week, Turkey’s government went on a mission: to defend its brand of political Islam. In a summary of comment by Turkish officials distributed by the prime minister’s Office of Public Diplomacy, the words “Islam,” “Islamophobia” and “Muslim” were mentioned 17 times. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned that Europe was .
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has blasted Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu for “daring” to attend an anti-terror solidarity march in Paris, accusing him of leading “state terrorism” against the Palestinians.
Paris has been reluctant in anti-terrorism cooperation following last week’s deadly attacks in France by militants with international links, according to the Turkish authorities.
Opinion: Hypocrisy on display at Paris march
Turkey, which was named the world’s biggest jailer of journalists in 2012 and 2013, ended 2014 by detaining a number of journalists (including Ekrem Dumanli, editor in chief of Zaman, a leading newspaper with links to the moderate Islamic Gulen
Adam Taylor: The free-speech hypocrisy of some world leaders marching in Paris
The free-speech hypocrisy of some world leaders marching in Paris
Charlie Hebdo: total freedom of expression has little chance of survival in an
Turkey’s media watchdog has fined two music channels for airing music videos with scenes of sexuality, citing Turkish Sexual Health Institute head Cem Keçe’s controversial recent remarks on homosexuality
Turkey’s prime minister has refused to heed Western demands to “do more” to stem the flow of foreign fighters joining Islamic insurgents fighting in Iraq and Syria, saying the country has already blacklisted 7,000 people and deported 2,000 more.
French President François Hollande’s choice to shake Davutoğlu’s hand even though he kissed or hugged all other leaders created viral mock videos on social media.
Turkey’s government is set to include Turkish mothers living abroad in a newly introduced incentive program to encourage procreation
Shifting Roles of Anıtkabir in “New Turkey”By Canan Neşe KarahasanC. Neşe Karahasan is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Edinburgh. Her PhD research is an ethnographic study of the state, focusing on exhibiting oppositionary, namely secular Republic and Islamic Ottoman, pasts of “Turkishness” in competing state museums (Anıtkabir and Topkapı Palace museums) at a time of flux in Turkey. Currently, she is in the writing-up period of her PhD. Her research interests include Turkish nationalisms, museums, ethnography of the state, secularism and Islam in Turkey.
PM Davutoğlu has said he will allow his lawmakers to freely exercise their consciences in an upcoming parliamentary vote on whether to send four former ministers to the Supreme Council
Actors dressed in the military costumes of 16 states founded throughout history by Turks staged a dress show as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with his counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Ankara.
Public Opinion Surveys of Turkish Foreign Policy (EDAM)                                     Türkçe 2015/1 2015 will mark the centennial of the forced migration of Ottoman Armenians and will be an important year for the debate on true nature of this tragedy. EDAM’s public opinion poll shows that a significant part of the Turkish public want the Turkish government […]
FCO Research Analyst paper (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) 9 December 2014 Armenia has, in proportional terms, the largest Diaspora of any former Soviet state, much of it concentrated in Russia, the US and France. This has been a huge source of support for the Armenian state.  But it’s also periodically acted as a brake on […]

Turkish satire mag honors Charlie Hebdo with photo of Wolinski’s mosque visit

Georges Wolinski is considered hugely influential by Turkish cartoonists
Turkey’s unemployment rate has remained at double digit figures in the October 2014 period due to the decrease in economic growth.
Turkey Papers (IPC & Wilson Center) January 2015 Kemal Kirişci * The Global Europe Program is pleased to announce the launch of a new collaborative publication series between the Wilson Center and the Istanbul Policy Center: the IPC-Wilson Center Turkey Papers. The series is co-edited by Bülent Aras, Professor of International Relations at Sabanci University […]
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accused the West on Monday of hypocrisy for its stance over the attack on satirical journal Charlie Hebdo and hostage-taking at a Jewish supermarket in Paris, while failing to condemn anti-Muslim acts in Europe.
Better known by his day job of running the country as president of the Turkish Republic, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has found a new pursuit to draw some of his time: Making his own fashion.
Turkey, where the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), has been active for only five years, has become the largest individual recipient of EBRD financing.

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