Anthropology roundup: “Boas and the Monolingualism of the Other…

Boas and the Monolingualism of the Other

Kwakiutl textsIn my last post on Bauman and Briggs Voices of Modernity I explored their argument that Boas’s notion of culture makes it seem like a prison house from which only the trained anthropologist is capable of escaping. In doing so, however, I only really presented half of their argument. The book has two interrelated themes:

Anthropology: It’s still white public space–An interview with Karen Brodkin (Part I)Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology

The following is an interview with Karen Brodkin, Professor Emeritus in the UCLA anthropology Department.

Ryan Anderson:  You co-wrote an article back in 2011 with Sandra Morgen and Janis Hutchinson about anthropology as “white public space” (AWPS).  What’s your assessment of the state of anthropology three years later?  If you could add an “update” to this article, what would it be?


I hope members of the list will be interested in our web site  *Energy and

Digital Living*, which went live just yesterday at:


*Energy and Digital Living *is based on the sensory and digital ethnography

methodologies and design research I have undertaken with my colleagues at

Loughborough University, UK, as part of the EPSRC funded LEEDR project

which I have been a CI on for the last 4 years.


Over 300 Anthropologists Oppose a Boycott of Israeli Academic InstitutionsAmerican Anthropological Association

Today’s guest blog post is written by AAA member, David M. Rosen (

More than 300 anthropologists have now signed a statement strongly opposing efforts by the political organization Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) and it supporters within the American Anthropological Association to organize a boycott of Israeli academic institutions ( The goal of the boycott is to sever all ties between members of the American Anthropological Association and Israeli anthropologists, many of whom are also members of the AAA. A boycott will severely damage professional anthropological life, scholarly interchange, free speech, and free association. The boycott effort damages the American Anthropological Association by giving a partisan political issue center stage at the annual meetings. Finally, a boycott will create a discriminatory and hostile environment against Israeli anthropologists and anthropologists working in Israel, and a rift with many members of the American Anthropological Association who refuse to become collaborators in this process.



WIU Anthropology Professor Studying Human-Avian Bond
Western Illinois University News
She teaches an award-winning anthropology class each spring semester that emphasizes how culture affects attitudes toward animals. The course also considers animal behavior, behavior modification and force-free training, and is an elective in the WIU

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