#IGF2014 notes- Google Big Tree event with Vint Cerf and a panel afterwards #FHDel

Vint Cerf, one of the Internet Gods.


#IGF2014 notes- Google Big Tree event with Vint Cerf and a panel afterwards #FHDel

Yes, we really enjoyed.

I was a pleasure to see Mr. Cerf and he opened up with his adovacy for open internet. Unfortunately he later angered most of us by stating that “some countries need time for open internet” and he kind of whitewhashed internet censorship in Turkey. Google has a major business operation in Turkey and I assume as the vice president of Google, he was more interested in saving business interests in Turkey.

After the talk, there was a panel that included CHP Deputy Şafak Pavey. Her counterpart from AKP did not show up and we had a BTK bureacrat who happened to be my highschool classmate. Unfortunately, the bureacrat just recited what formally recited for a long time. All bans are because of judiciary decisions. Goverment has no interference (!) I wonder why corruption cases are not followed by the same logic. A member of the audience also stated that current internet laws are actually made by AKP. We had fun when three progressive female panelist grilled the man but of course it is also sad that Turkish government is so arrogant and has no manouvres regarding internet freedoms and open internet.


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