EFD Rights Watch: ” Internet Freedom, Rights in Sharp Decline

Reporters Without Borders campaign image on Internet Freedom posted on a bilboard featuring Erdoğan.

Twitter users on trial while Turkey hosts key UN Internet summit

Amnesty International – Sep 2 – The Turkish government’s prosecution of Twitter critics is a deeply hypocritical stance for the host of the Internet Governance Forum, Amnesty International said today. The organization called on future hosts to set a better example while…

Turkey: Internet Freedom, Rights in Sharp Decline

hrw.org – Sep 2 – (Istanbul) – Turkey, the host of a UN-sponsored Internet forum September 2-5, 2014 in Istanbul, has an abysmal record of protecting free expression online. In recent months, the Turkish government has expanded its powers to censor online


How to survive the Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul and why bother?

World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk by Maria Farrell in Istanbul

Maria Farrell on the inner workings of a conference where the gala reception has no alcohol and Ed Vaizey appears to have cracked the secret of popularity

IGF 2014’den Görüntüler… Mesajlar… ve Bilişimle İlgisi Soru İşareti bir Bakan..

Yazan: Fusun S.Nebil

Lütfi Kırdar’da dünyanın internetle ilgili en önemli kişilerinin yer aldığı IGF yani Internet Yönetişimi Forumu (Internet Governance Forum) cuma gününe kadar devam ediyor. Toplantıya tüm dünyadan internetin sosyal, politik ve teknik ilgililileri katılıyor. Temel amaç, internetin yönetilmesi ile ilgili sorunların ve geleceğinin tartışılması.


The Struggle for Turkey’s Internet


Special Report (Freedom House) August 2014                                  Türkçe Nate Schenkkan, Osman Coşkunoğlu, Aslı Tunç * This report focuses on the Internet in Turkey as it hosts the September 2014 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Istanbul. Turkey’s hosting of the IGF is timely because of the country’s critical role as a “swing state”—or,

Internet rights that went wrong in Turkey


GISWatch Special Report (APC – Hivos) August 2014 The Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) By Güneş Tavmen This report presents an up-to-date assessment of internet rights in Turkey, and has been prepared to coincide with the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2014 which is being hosted by Turkey in Istanbul from 2–5 September 2014. The IGF

Men Kill 22 Women in August


According to bianet reports, men killed at least 22 women and injured 55 women in August. Torture cases considerably increased and excuses are mostly so: “She didn’t prepare breakfast”, “She didn’t clean the house”, or “She bought a bar of chocolate with them I gave her.”


Turkish intelligence looks into telecom privatizations


A Turkish intelligence source speaking on the condition of anonymity said the vulnerability of companies’ servers that are out of Turkey are being investigated

Turkey’s top judge warns against ‘blacklisting’ in judiciary

Constitutional Court President Haşim Kılıç warns that charging people ‘without information or documents’ would amount to blacklisting

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