Withholding @fuatavni account might actually mean for @Twitter to bow down to Turkish government…

Unlike many previous accounts that are withheld, Fuat Avni does not violate users’ privacy but provides insights about the government. I could not verify yet, but I hear Twitter might actually try a legal process to undo the request. We will see…  fuatavni  fuatavni  on Twitter

Twitter withholds account of whistleblower Fuat Avni in Turkey

Today’s Zaman
Twitter withheld access to the Twitter account of a Turkishgovernment whistleblower who writes under the pseudonym of Fuat
The anonymous account that’s been gagged in Turkey
The YSK has banned the broadcast of a television ad by presidential hopeful PM Erdoğan’s that was released on Aug. 4

Why Turkey’s presidential election matters

The vote that may keep Erdogan in power even longer

Erdogan dominates Turkey’s uneven presidential race
Yahoo News
ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Cheers erupted from the packed stands when Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan scored his third goal in a celebrity soccer match to mark the opening of an Istanbul stadium. His orange jersey bore the number 12, a reminder of

Is Erdogan’s Political Machine Glitching?

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan should be enjoying the moment right now. After all, he’s still ahead of his opponents and only 10 days remained to the presidential elections.

Turkey’s political system under an Erdogan presidency

Erdogan is likely to win the upcoming presidential elections in Turkey, but he faces many challenges that will leave a mark on Turkish politics.

Turkey applied to Twitter a total of 183 times with removal requests this year, the social media site reported
theguardian.com – Constanze Letsch – Jul 30, 12:15 PM – Twitter in Turkey broke into a collective grin on Wednesday as hundreds of women posted pictures of themselves laughing. They weren’t just happy. They were smiling in defiance of the deputy prime minister, Bülent Arinç, who in a speech…

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