Eurosphere agenda: “Netherlands partly to blame for Srebrenica…”Plane crash in eastern Ukraine…

Change vs more of the same (40 reasons to support Scottish independence, 39)

open Democracy News Analysis – by Adam Ramsay

Independence offers a rare chance to change a British system built before anything to protect itself.


MAIN FOCUS: Netherlands partly to blame for Srebrenica | 17/07/2014


The Dutch state bears partial responsibility for the deaths of 300 Bosnian Muslims who were deported by Serbian soldiers from Srebrenica in 1995, a civil court ruled on Wednesday in The Hague. The ruling is harsh but fair, some commentators write. Others put the blame on the United Nations, which had declared Srebrenica a safe area


MAIN FOCUS: Plane crash in eastern Ukraine | 18/07/2014euro|topics

A Malaysian Airlines civilian jet crashed on Thursday in eastern Ukraine. According to news agency reports it was hit by a missile. The Ukrainian leadership and separatists are accusing each other of causing the crash. Commentators call on a hitherto hesitant West to force the Russian president to make the rebels accept peace negotiations

Nick Witney is a senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and was the first chief executive of the European Defense Agency.

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