For the moment, all but one election polls show Erdoğan wins in the first round… “İhsanoğlu makes gentile gesture…

Emre PekerVerified account ‏@wsjemre ’s Presidential Elections: a snapshot of polls indicate Erdogan sweep in first round on Aug. 10.

İhsanoğlu makes gentile gesture with symbolic donations to competitors

Presidential candidate Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu has made a gesture rarely seen in Turkish politics, donating a symbolic amount of money to the campaign bank accounts of his two rivals
Erdoğan campaigning in Arabic, too. via
A crowd in the southern province of Kahramanmaraş marched against the presence of Syrian migrants in the city on July 13, before attacking a number of Syrians and brawling with the polic
Presidential candidate İhsanoğlu symbolically donated 1,000 liras each to his opponents. While Demirtaş said “the other one has a lot, donate his share to me”, Erdoğan’s lawyers returned the donation.
PM Erdoğan was given the first slot on the ballots in the upcoming presidential election
The approval rating for the government’s foreign policy has dropped further to 41 percent, according to a recent survey conducted by research organization MetroPOLL
A court stated that was sentenced to over four years of prison as she was identified as a demonstrator captured in camera footage throwing stones at the police

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