Eurosphere agenda: “European Court of Justice bans German language requirement for Turkish spouse visas…

European Court of Justice bans German language requirement for Turkish spouse visas

On Thursday (10 July) the EU’s top court ruled against Germany’s language requirement for Turkish spouses applying for residence in the country, rebuffing the German government and saying the right to family reunification is essential to integration in the member states. EurActiv Germany reports.


The Brazil World Cup came to an end on Sunday with a victory for the German team. Despite all the prognoses to the contrary the World Cup was a success, some commentators say. Others believe Brazilian President Dilma Roussef will pay the price for the high cost of the tournament in elections this autumn

Juncker’s Make-or-Break Presidency

Project Syndicate by Giles Merritt

It is possible that Jean-Claude Juncker, once he is confirmed as European Commission President,


The individualisation of radical Islam in Britain

open Democracy News Analysis – by John-Paul Rantac

Presenting “British values” as the antidote to Islamic fundamentalism misunderstands the process of radicalisation and what should be done to stem it.


Court rejects German test for Turks

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

The EU’s top court says Germany should not impose a basic language requirement on Turks who want to join their spouses in Germany.


MAIN FOCUS: Berlin asks top US spy to leave | 11/07/2014
After indications of a further case of US espionage on its territory, the German government asked the CIA station chief in Berlin to leave the country on Thursday. The US can’t expect eternal gratitude and must understand the Germans’ anger, some commentators write. Others see the move as a diplomatic affront and evidence of a new German anti-Americanism.

Searching for a new debate on immigration in Europe

open Democracy News Analysis – by Daniele Rumolo and Franco Galdini

In the current debate on immigration in Europe, confusion and populist bias came to the fore once again during the latest elections to the European Parliament. This is especially true of Italy, whose long coastline witnessed an increased number of arrivals in the first half of 2014.

EU internet governance: Franco-German alliance

A new report from the French Senate outlines a strategy for greater European internet governance spearheaded by the Franco-German alliance. Only then can the EU compete with US’s online hegemony.EurActiv France reports.

Digitize new Commissioners, Kroes tells Juncker

European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes called for Jean-Claude Juncker’s new EU executive to be staffed with “digital commissioners”, as she launched a free website to encourage SMEs to adopt cloud computing yesterday (10 July).

In pictures: Wild horses in Spain

BBC News | Europe

Images of a traditional Spanish village round-up

Who are the carabinieri?

BBC News | Europe |

The 200-year-old police force older than the country it serve

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