2 unfortunate cases of dealing with Syrian refugees in Turkey

What happened in Kahramanmaraş today is more than unfortunate. The town is known to be predominantly nationalist (both AKP and MHP dominated the last local election) and a place where two decades ago a massacre against Alevites happened.

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Using a few petty crimes allegedly made by Syrian refugees, a mass of local residents attacked Arabic labelled stores, cars or houses. For the moment, the riot is under control and no one killed.


Yürüyüşte olaylar çıktı

News in Turkish here.

Here is a video of today’s events:


This old news is funnier but in a tragic way. I believe Turkey now has a real problem of refugees and she does not know much how to deal with it:

Police zig-zag begging Syrian migrants across Istanbul’s Bosphorus

News in Turkish

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