HDP rejects claims it will ally with ruling AKP in presidential polls BUT most HDP voters will probably prefer AKP candidate…

I feel like what happened in Istanbul Municipality election will happen at a national level. HDP offers a good candidate that does not have much chance. Most Kurdish HDP voters vote for AKP candidate, especially those consertivative citizens,  most leftists vote for HDP and AKP wins.

I personally like Mr. Demirtaş very much but I do not believe he has a chance against MHP-CHP and AKP candidates. In the second round, most conservative HDP voters will probably turn to AKP candidate… This is what I observe in the field. Erdoğan has a great card: Peace process. Main opposition does not have much peace with the Kurdish question.

Let’s see what the future shows…


HDP rejects claims it will ally with ruling AKP in presidential polls

The co-chair HDP has denied claims that the party will make an allegiance with the ruling AKP in the upcoming presidential elections, speaking on private news channel Habertürk

Turkey’s ruling AKP to announce candidate for presidency on July 1
The AKP has confirmed that it will announce its candidate for the August presidential elections on July 1, two days before the official deadline

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