“10 urban heritage sites Istanbul lost in 2000s…. Istanbul news roundup…

Süheyl Bey Mosque:The 16th century mosque was demolished in 1956 in the scope of a road construction project from the Adnan Menderes government that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan frequently idealizes and describes as his government’s political predecessor. The building was “restored” last year in a way reminiscent of a modern office building, rather than a mosque. “I’ve never seen such a restoration project that ends up so distant from the original. Such works are commissioned to the friends and comrades of the political figures,” the Chamber of Architects chair Eyüp Muhcu had said at the time

10 urban heritage sites Istanbul lost in 2000s


Rebul Pharmacy is the latest cultural asset that Istanbul has lost from its urban memory. Here are 10 other casualties of the city’s endless shopping mall boom

Sculptors under age of 40 on terrace exhibitions across Istanbul


Proje4L Contemporary Art Museum opens the summer with Terrace Exhibitions, which focus on the sculptures of artists younger than 40-years-old


Stagnation of Istanbul canal project causes plan changes in third airport

Hurriyet Daily News

The third airport contractors have begun to work on reducing the initially planned altitude level due to delays in the ambitious Istanbul canal project

Istanbul’s most authentic neighborhoods


Waterside mansions called “yali,” in Istanbul, Turkey on Oct. 28, 2013. Istanbul is best-known among tourists for mosques and bazaars but the city

Among Istanbul’s birdsong lovers, an echo of Greek past

Christian Science Monitor

The sport of finch-keeping for cafe contests, where birds are ranked on the quality and quantity of their melodies, has its roots in Istanbul’s multi-ethnic

Istanbul’s Open-Air Studio

The Majalla Magazine

Boyacioglu, a Turkish filmmaker trained at the School of Visual Arts in New York, was discussing the shifting landscapes of her home city of Istanbul .

Breathtaking Istanbul

The Star Online

The exotic city of Istanbul, brimming with culture and history, traces its roots back as the capital of four different empires, from the time of .

Historic Sultanahmet lane rented out for hotel complex


Soğukçeşme Street has been rented out to a local business group, with the goal of turning it into a luxury hotel hub

Syrian refugees find shelter in Istanbul neighborhood abandoned due to urban renewal project


Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing the chaos in their homeland have arrived in Istanbul during the last year looking for abandoned areas in the city to settle in

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