EFD Rights Watch: “After Gezi: Amnesty Issues Major New Report…”ban on media coverage of Iraq hostage crisis…



Occupy Gezi Park – Diren Gezi Parki – Taksim – ResIstanbul (Photo credit: Sterneck)

After Gezi: Amnesty Issues Major New Report

humanrightsturkey.org ? heissenstat ? Jun 10, 3:37 AM ? The army of police, the limits on freedom of transport, the deserted center of the city. A year after Gezi, this is the face of the new Turkey, where dissent is stifled with overwhelming force and massive police presence. Clearly, the Turkish


Turkish journalist faces jail for insulting the prime minister

theguardian.com ? Roy Greenslade ? Jun 17, 2:31 AM ? He reported slogans attacking Recep Tayyip Erdogan The trial of Turkish journalist Erol Özkoray, who is accused of insulting the country’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is to resume in Istanbul tomorrow. Charges against Özkoray

Turkey imposes ban on media coverage of Iraq hostage crisis

Committee to Protect Journalists ? Jun 18, 1:55 PM ? Istanbul, June 18, 2014–The Committee to Protect Journalists is alarmed by a Turkish court’s decision on Monday to censor media coverage of a hostage crisis in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Last week, insurgents led by the Al-Qaeda splinter group?



Turkey: Demonstrators on trial, police unpunished

Amnesty International ? Jun 10 ? Turkey: Demonstrators on trial, police unpunished People light candles for the victims of the Gezi Park protests. The repression of peaceful protest and the use of abusive force by police continues unabated one year after the Gezi Park protests

Turkey?s Constitutional Court responded to the individual complaint of Hanefi Avcı, a former police commissioner currently jailed within Devrimci Karargah case, ruling that his long arrest and trial periods committed a violation

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