Turkish State invades Taksim Square with 40K police to deny Labor Day celebrations…

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Many major unions and left wing organizations are determined to celebrate May Day in Taksim, as it has been the case for decades, but I believe it is hard to challenge Erdoğan’s determination to close Taksim for celebrations. Against a brute state force, there will be clashes around but it is hard to imageine activists entering Taksim Square. We will see. I hope there will not be any casualties but with such a hardened face of Turkish State against her citizens, anyhing is possible. I will follow news as much as possible and here and in Twitter I will be reporting about the May Day tomorrow…

AYM'den flaş 1 Mayıs kararı


Will This Year’s May Day Be A Prelude To “Gezi II”?

Istanbul’s iconic Taksim Square is deemed to be the focal point of yet another May Day showdown:….

Istanbul Governor Releases ?May Day Ban Statement” in Taksim

İstanbul Governor?s Office released a statement banning Taksim a day before May Day. ?Demonstrations can?t be controlled and participants? life and property safety will be in danger,? it said. All major public transportation channels to go to Taksim is closed tomorrow: 

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Unions commemorate demonstrators killed during 1977, 1989 and 1996 May Days


Turkish unions have commemorated the demonstrators who died during the eventful 1977, 1989 and 1996 May Days in Istanbul


Police take tight measures in Taksim for May Day including 50 water cannons


The iconic square will be closed to entry on May 1 with roadblocks, and 15,000 police officers will be assigned to work in the area

40,000 police officers assigned for May Day
The General Directorate of Security (EGM) has assigned 40,000 police officers to work in Istanbul on May Day, as tight measures were taken to prevent any gatherings at Taksim Square.

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