Twitter files for lawsuits in Turkish courts against the ban…

Twitter is fighting to have the ban on its social network lifted in Turkey. Today, the company filed petitions for lawsuits in multiple Turkish courts, demanding that the current ban be lifted.

Turkish court upholds appeal against ban on Twitter

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Block imposed by Turkey’s telecoms authority ahead of elections has not yet been removed

A Turkish court has upheld an appeal against a block on Twitter that has provoked public outrage, local media said, though it was not immediately clear whether that meant the bar would be removed.

Kökü kazınıyor!
The drop came after the ban was extended to DNS options, URL shorteners and VPN
The British ambassador to Turkey has expressed concern over the Turkish government?s decision to block access to Twitter
CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu likened the situation to the Watergate scandal which occurred during the presidency of Richard Nixon in the United States
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