The tape maybe a fake one but with tonight’s leak, Erdoğan may have lost a good deal of legitimacy…

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Tonight we listened to a 11 minute talk between Erdoğan and his son Bilal on the day of December 17, Corruption Operation began… Supposedly, Bilal asks his father how to disappear millions of cash. The voices sound genuine but who knows. With this level of technology everything is possible. Gülenist accounts seem to approve the validity of the tape. Some others, not Gülenists, but pro-CHP accounts also tend to believe in the validity. Even if the tape is a case of montage, what I observe tonight is that this seems to be the hardest blow to Erdoğan’s rule. At midnight PM’s office denied the reality of this tape as expected. Head of Intelligence met with PM Erdoğan after the leak spread at the internets… So far it is disseminated through a Youtube video, which is announced by an anonymous Twitter account.

Turkey?s bazaar of bootleg tapes

Bugged recordings of some of the most prominent people in national life are appearing almost every day, creating a a surreptitious oral history of Turkish society

In other news: 

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Turkey appeals ECHR?s record fine for 38 villagers killed in 1994 airstrike

The Justice Ministry decided to file an appeal after the Turkish General Staff made two objections regarding the ruling

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