Separation of Powers ends in Turkey with the new law on judicial body…

Turkish MPs brawl in parliament as Erdoğan wins judiciary vote


Opposition MP taken to hospital after vote to give justice ministry greater control over judges amid corruption scandal

The Turkish parliament has passed a law that would tighten the government’s grip on the judiciary after a heated debate and brawl in which an opposition MP was put in hospital.

The legislation, which would give the justice ministry increased control over the higher council of judges and prosecutors, which appoints and oversees judges and prosecutors, was endorsed on Saturday.


Turkish Parliament approves controversial bill tightening up gov’t grip on judicial body


Turkish MPs approved a law potentially increasing government control over the appointment of judges and prosecutors amid brawl and fist-fighting

Turkey?s Parliament met through the night, Friday into Saturday, and passed a controversial new bill that gives the government greater control over the judiciary.

Turkish local election candidates to give freebies to voters


Municipalities hand out various gifts, from diapers to bicycles, in a bid to win the hearts of the voters ahead of next month?s local elections in Turkey


We are awestruck: A question is being asked


It is the Q&A section of the press conference. A journalist asks Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan questions. Everybody, everybody is frightened


Top three things which make Erdoğan annoyed

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan is quickly getting upset nowadays, as Turkey lacks no reasons for a prime minister to get upset

Fresh purge within Turkish police hits 27 province chiefs, senior intel officers


The Turkish government has launched yet another wave of purges within the police relocating the police chiefs of 27 provinces some 50 intel officers

Fenerbahçe chairman reiterates political plot claim in match-fixing verdict


Fenerbahçe chairman Yıldırım has reiterated his claim that the investigation was a plot against him and the club


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