EFD Rights Watch: “reporter falling due to water cannon raises eyebrows…Internet Law criticised…

Scenes showing Turkish reporter falling due to water cannon raises eyebrows


Images of a reporter falling after being hit by a water cannon have caused reactions to the Turkish police?s harsh interventions


Images of Turkish Reporter Felled by Police Water Cannon Stir Anger Online


Outraged Turkish bloggers and journalists shared images of a female television reporter who was knocked down by a direct blast from a police water cannon during a protest in the capital, Anakara, on Thursday.

Turkey Enlists Intermediaries to Censor and Surveil Internet Users


Despite fierce opposition from civil society and industry, the Turkish parliament recently amended Law no. 5651, entitled ?Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by means of Such Publications?. Read more » about Turkey Enlists Intermediaries to Censor and Surveil Internet Users

Police had seized $4.5 million in cash stashed in shoeboxes in Süleyman Aslan’s house


The OHCHR said Turkey’s new Internet law may lead to breaches of human rights

Turkish human rights and EU accession: the Gezi Park protests

What started out as a peaceful protest by environmentalists in Gezi Park in 2013 has engendered only government contempt for the freedoms of speech and assembly. The implications, in relation to Turkey?s chances of accession to the EU, are clear.

Understanding Erdoğan?s toxic recrimination in Turkey


It is fair to say that Turkey’s government has no particular ideas and vision, no systematic critique of anything, no attachment to any particular text. That is why it has been going nowhere in particular.

Turkish President Gül ?working on a couple of issues? over Internet law

Opposition parties and int’l organizations have been calling on Gül to veto the law

Turkey?s internet clampdown adds to woes


Appointment of an intelligence official as internet watchdog has raised concern over freedom of expression in Turkey and its broader economic prospects

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