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and Rights Watch news:

An Istanbul court tells prosecutors to fill in massive gaps in an indictment against Taksim Soldidarity, the main organizer of Gezi protesters

Turkish deputy PM calls for selective releases in Ergenekon, as formulas debated

Hurriyet Daily News

10, Erdoğan told reporters there were ?people who are unfairly in jail? in the Ergenekon case. How Ergenekon convicts can be released now remains an open question on the eve of a 22-article judicial reform package that the governing AKP has sent to the

New prosecutor assigned to Ergenekon and Dink cases

Prosecutor Murat İnam has been assigned to the Ergenekon coup plot case and the murder case of Hrant Dink

Academics and Jurists Warn the Government

In a statement signed by 150 academics, most of them professors, and jurists declared that Turkey has fallen into ?circumstances similar to an Extraordinary Situation


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