Eurosphere agenda: Violent protests break out in Bosnia

More than 130 injured in anti-government protests in Bosnia


More than 130 people, including 104 police officers, were injured in a second day of anti-government demonstrations in the Bosnian town of Tuzla

Violent protests break out in Bosnia


Demonstrators in Bosnia set fire to government buildings in Sarajevo and Tuzla amid mounting unrest over political and economic issues.


Leaked audio reveals embarrassing US exchange on Ukraine, EU


The conversation between a top State Department official and the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine included a crude American swipe at the European Union

Poland?s Eurozone Tests


The timing of Polish accession to the eurozone has been the subject of serious ? often heated ? debate. Before adopting the single currency, Polish policymakers must identify the necessary conditions that would allow the country to sustain its recent economic success.

Europe, the EU and European identity

European identity was the negative construct of a Europe torn apart by world war. It was a negative outcome of an attempt to forge a European identity in the Cold War, squeezed, as Europe was, by the rivalry of the USA and USSR. But negative cultural formation cannot carry the day.

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