For the record, some persons and companies from Turkey also targeted by US for evading sanctions on Iran…


US targets businesses for evading sanctions on Iran


The US has blaclisted scores of individuals and companies worldwide, including some from Turkey, over violation of sanctions against Iran, despite the relative ease of restrictions

A few more news from Turkey….

Erdoğan fails to sway Germany on Turkey?s EU bid

On a visit to Germany, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan urged Chancellor Angela Merkel to throw her country?s full weight behind his country’s bid to join the EU, but there was no sign the host had been swayed from her sceptical stance on Turkish membership.

In a visit to Berlin overshadowed by EU concerns about his crackdown on the judiciary and police whom he accuses of forming part of a “parallel state”, Erdoğan complained that German support was “not currently adequate”.


Erdogan in Germany: Anatomy of a Protest, a photo essay

Taksim Solidarity members face up to 29 years in new Gezi indictment

Taksim Solidarity Platform members, who were detained during Gezi protest last July, face up to 29 years in prison

Turkish intelligence launches TV offensive called ?Kızılelma?


Reaction is growing to a new Turkish TV series, ?Kızılelma,? which focuses on the country?s controversial spy agency. Dismissing claims of nationalism, the makers of the TRT show say the impulse behind it is far more complicated


Photography of Ara Güler captures a forgotten Turkey


Previously unseen shots at the Arthur M Sackler Gallery in Washington DC show medieval Seljuk and Armenian monuments from across Anatolia

Two cone-topped minarets pierce the sky, silhouetted against a striking backdrop of clouds. Below them is an elaborate stone portal with a pointed arch, intricately carved with Islamic calligraphy and arabesque patterns in the style of the Seljuks, a dynasty that ruled much of what is now Turkey during the 12th and 13th centuries. Inside the archway, a wooden door stands ajar, while a small child, barefoot and unkempt, passes by in the foreground.

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