Video of ‘Guardian’ Editors Destroy Edward Snowden Files.. A cyberculture roundup…

Watch ‘Guardian’ Editors Destroy Edward Snowden Files

With two British spies supervising, three employees of the Guardian used angle grinders and a drill to destroy three laptops containing the files leaked to the news organization by Edward Snowden.

Social media transforms lessons


Is social media set to kill schoolbooks?

So it looks like Google and Samsung are pals again

The debate about the financial implications of Google?s acquisition and sale of Motorola goes on in the wake of Lenovo?s purchase of the company yesterday, but one thing that?s for sure is that the deal is good news for Samsung.

Data Mining Reveals The Surprising Behaviour Of Dating Website Users


When it comes to finding the perfect mate, people aren?t as fussy as they make out, say researchers studying behaviour on online dating sites.


Judge Understands BitTorrent, Kills Mass Piracy Lawsuits

In recent years hundreds of thousands of Internet subscribers have been sued for downloading and sharing copyrighted material in the United States.

Most of these defendants have been grouped together in large cases, which makes it cheap for the copyright holder to obtain the personal details of the alleged infringers. Instead of paying filing fees for each defendant, they pay a single fee by suing dozens, hundreds or thousands at once.


Why enterprises (big and small) are slow to adopt social collaboration tools

Denis Duvauchelle is the CEO and co-founder of Twoodo, the hashtag language that lets you organize anything and everything.

A study conducted by Gartner last year stated that 80 percent of attempts to gain benefits from using social collaboration tools will not be seen until at least 2015.


Documenting the reality of online harassment


Lindsay Bottos is a 21-year-old Photography student at the Maryland Institute College of Art. As part of her evolving artistic expression,  she posts a lot of self-portraits online.

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