EFD Rights Watch: “Child bride” issue as vital as always… Not surprisingly Press Freedom Upside Down…

Investigation deepens into death of child bride in southeastern Turkey


An investigation into the death of a 14-year-old mother in the southeastern province of Siirt has been intensified

Father of child bride victim voices doubts on her circumstances of death


The case widens as the Family Ministry applies to become a party in the legal proceedings


False intelligence reports responsible of Uludere massacre: Report

The Uludere/Roboski massacre, in which 34 people were killed by an airstrike, was allegedly caused by false intelligence information, daily Taraf claimed

Press Freedom Upside Down!

No single policemen have been convicted of assault towards journalists during Turkey?s Gezi Resistance. While 59 journalists and 23 publishers entered 2014 behind bars, 13 defendants including 4 journalists have been convicted of ?terrorism? charges according to Turkish Penal Code and Anti-Terror Act with 2 life sentences and a total of 1,609 years and 4 months of prison.

Turkey: With Mainstream Media Muzzled, Alternative Outlets Plug Gaps

After working as a respected journalist for 25 years in numerous capacities, including a stint as a columnist at one of Turkey?s largest newspapers, Serdar Akinan found himself in early 2013 at a career crossroads: would he continue working in the mainstream Turkish media or open up a pizza place?

Turkish human rights activist Zarakolu to live in Sweden for 2 years


Zarakolu’s son, Deniz Zarakolu, who is an editor at Belge Publishing House and a Ph.D. student at Bilgi University, was arrested weeks earlier, on Oct 7. On March 19, 2012, Zarakolu was formally indicted under the charge of “aiding and abetting an

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