Cyberculture agenda: Remembering Aaron Swartz



On the eve of the anniversary of Aaron Swartz‘s tragic death, a group of eight lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are still looking for answers regarding the criminal investigation he was the subject of


One year ago, we lost Aaron Swartz, a dear friend and a leader in the fight for a free and open Internet. The shock was, and remains, a profound one. It’s a testament to the power of his commitments and ideals that both in life and in death he has inspired millions around the world, including all of us at EFF, to redouble our own efforts to advance the causes that he believed in, and to untangle the twisted and brutal computer crime laws that were used to persecute him.

If you?ve been following digital trends over the past few years, you?ll probably be aware of the hockey stick-growth of crowdfunding as a ?thing?. It?s everywhere.

Coalition to fight mass Internet surveillance declares global day of action, Feb 11

A broad coalition of organizations — including Boing Boing — have joined forces to declare February 11 a day of action in memory of Aaron Swartz and against NSA Internet spying and mass surveillance. Just as we did with the SOPA fight, we’re asking people who care about this to make their own personal expressions of resistance, and take the case for caring about this and fighting back to the people closest to them. Each of us knows the arguments that will convince our friends and loved ones.

Of the many cool new electronic devices being shown off at CES 2014 (that I?ve read about thus far anyway) ? predictably ? it looks as though wearable tech is one of the major trends being observed. Virtually every major electronics player is diving into the wearable tech ring.

A couple of weeks ago, I explained the basics of HTML and why you might want to use it.

In today?s post, I?ll go through some simple HTML tags that every blogger should know about.

Marissa Mayer?s star-studded CES keynote refocuses Yahoo as a media company

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer made an appearance at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, delivering a keynote address aimed at telling marketers, investors, and everyone else about the future of her company.

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