After Zynga support, “Bitcoin break the $1,000 valuation mark again…Aaron Swartz’s father… Cyberculture agenda..

Support from Zynga helps Bitcoin break the $1,000 valuation mark again

The price of Bitcoin is back over US$1,000 after gaming giant Zynga became the latest company to adopt the virtual currency….


Aaron Swartz’s father, Bob Swartz, discusses his son’s death

It’s been nearly a year since my friend Aaron Swartz killed himself,

Foursquare details how it rewards and punishes the superusers who maintain its database of 60 million venues

Foursquare?s database currently includes 60 million venues, and the company todaydecided to explain how it is maintained. More specifically, Foursquare has outlined how it rewards and punishes the superusers who sift through the constant updates of hours, locations, and phone numbers that are submitted from users all around the world.

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